Buccaneers’ WR Chris Godwin Gets New Phone After Teammate Dropped His in Water During Super Bowl Parade

by Chris Haney

Only one day after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated their Super Bowl victory, wide receiver Chris Godwin has a new phone after losing his old one off the side of a boat.

On Wednesday, the Bucs celebrated their 31-9 win against the Kansas City Chiefs with a socially distanced boat parade. The wide receiver dropped his phone into the water, and lost it while partying with his teammates. In a video that’s circulated on social media, Godwin blamed his fellow receiver and teammate Scotty Miller for the party foul.

Miller is seen denying any blame for the sunken cell phone as everyone jokes around on the boat. In addition, Godwin shouts out to Verizon Wireless to tell them he needs a new phone pronto.

“Hey, Verizon. I know somebody’s gonna get this to you. My boy, Scotty, dropped my phone in the water at the Super Bowl parade. I need a new phone!” Godwin said on Mike Evans’ Instagram Live feed of the parade.

However, all’s well that ends well. After Godwin reached out to Verizon, the company hooked the receiver up with a brand new iPhone in less than 24 hours.

On Thursday, the Super Bowl LV champion posted on his Instagram Story thanking Verizon for the quick fix.

“Phone takes a dive into the river and 24 hours later, @verizon blesses me with a new one!” Godwin posted. “I appreciate ya’ll! S/O to the plug!”

Super Bowl Celebrations Get the Best of Tom Brady, As Well

On Wednesday, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady let loose during his team’s celebratory boat parade. In fact, he may have let loose just a bit too much.

Brady and his Bucs teammates partied it up following their victory in the big game on Sunday. The quarterback and his family enjoyed the socially distanced parade from their own boat. Brady’s children were filmed carrying the Lombardi Trophy around before their dad “passed” it Rob Gronkowski.

During the parade, cameras captured the 7-time Super Bowl champ chunking the Lombardi Trophy across water to his tight end on another boat. Thankfully, Gronk easily caught the championship trophy and it didn’t end up on the surface of the ocean. However, the party eventually caught up with Brady.

As the boat parade came to a close, videos floated around online of Brady with a huge grin and sunglasses on being helped off the boat. “Drunk Tom Brady” instantly began to trend on social media. The quarterback himself joined in and poked fun of himself when he shared the video in question.

“Noting to see her…just litTle avoCado tequila,” Brady hilariously tweeted.