Buccaneers’ Fan Bets $73,500 Just to Win $735

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Everyone loves to bet on underdogs, but sometimes you gotta go with the favorites. One Buccaneers fan took that a bit too far by risking $73,500 only to win $735.

If someone offered you -10,000 odds for a bet, you most likely wouldn’t take it. At those odds, you would have to bet… well, tens of thousands just to come out with a few hundred bucks in profit. However, one bettor with Borgata Sportsbook made that bet. With over 70 grand placed on the Buccs to win the NFC South, this is virtually a guarantee.

David Payne Purdum of ESPN Chalk will tweet out notable bets from time to time. This one made his list, and he put it out for all of us to see for ourselves. Check out the tweet below.

Just imagine putting down that kind of bet to get so little. For one, I can’t imagine having that much money to bet with. And two, I would rather put it on a bet with a little more give on the return. I’ve bet favorites in the past. When they hit, it isn’t as exciting as a big underdog. However, this is just head-scratching.

There were many reactions to the Buccaneers bet in the replies to the tweet, of course. There were theories abound! Some folks made jokes about how the return on investment beats out 30-day CD rates. Purdum himself said in a reply to a follower, “Only five weeks left. Quick turn. Maybe get some comps … who knows … I always wish I could learn the stories behind these kinds of bets.”

Reactions to Staggering $73.5k Bet

Of course, people will make jokes and come up with fun theories about the bet. That’s a lotta money! There were many different replies, but they were all very similar. Probably the most common reference was to taxes. It is the end of the year. Perhaps the bettor wanted to offload some money to help out on those returns.

Other folks had some more serious accusations and called it straight-up money laundering like this reply below.

Whatever is going on in this person’s life, they made a fairly confident bet. However, nothing is guaranteed. If Tom Brady goes down tomorrow or something else dramatic happens, who knows what the last three weeks of the season would show us. It looks like it is a sure-fire thing, though.

Buccaneers Leading The NFC South and Not Looking Back

If you are looking to place some bets, here’s some interesting information. The Buccaneers and the Patriots are looking like the favorites to meet in the Super Bowl. However, there is a lot of football left to play. We aren’t even through with the regular season, let alone the playoffs. While it looks like a bet to win the NFC South is solid, past that, who knows what could happen the rest of the way?