Buccaneers’ LB Devin White Celebrates Super Bowl Win with Victory Lap on Horseback

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated their Super Bowl win over the Kansas City Chiefs. While the team partied throughout the day during their planned boat parade, Devin White also took a victory lap on horseback around the Bucs’ Raymond James Stadium.

Photographers captured the second-year linebacker mounted on his horse in the Bucs’ stadium, fulfilling his previous wish. Before Tampa’s 31-9 win over Kansas City, White told reporters he wanted to take the Lombardi Trophy for a ride.

“If we get the W, I don’t care what they say. I’m pulling the horse out, I’m going to hold the Lombardi Trophy and I’m gonna ride around,” White said.

Following his team’s dominant performance in Sunday’s big game, White doubled down on his wish.

“I need to ride my horse in the stadium with the trophy. … They need to make it happen before I get outta here,” White said after Sunday’s game.

Sure enough, the Super Bowl champion’s dream came true on Wednesday. The Buccaneers’ Twitter account shared a clip of White kissing the Lombardi Trophy while on top of his horse in the middle of the stadium. Cameras then capture White trot off into the sunset before returning down the middle of the field into the end zone with the trophy held high.

“Victory lap for @DevinWhite__40. A dream come true,” Tampa Bay’s account tweeted.

This isn’t the first time White has taken his horse for a ride through a football stadium. The former LSU product rode his old horse Daisy Mae around Tiger Stadium and even rode it around campus. At the time, he called the campus excursion the “best day of his life.” Sadly, Daisy Mae passed away before training camp last year in Tampa. Therefore, White rode his new, appropriately named horse, Dream, around Raymond James Stadium.

Super Bowl Celebration Gets the Best of Tom Brady

Tampa Bay celebrated their Super Bowl LV victory with a boat parade, but quarterback Tom Brady seemed to have a bit too much fun on Wednesday.

Multiple videos of Brady and his teammates partying on boats have circulated on social media. At one point, cameras captured the 7-time Super Bowl champ tossing their prized Lombardi Trophy to Rob Gronkowski on another boat. To the relief of many, Gronk easily snagged the championship trophy Brady threw over open water.

The quarterback and his team were all smiles on Wednesday during their Super Bowl celebration. Brady and his family enjoyed the socially distanced parade from their own boat. Cameras also captured his children carrying the Lombardi Trophy around the boat before their dad passed it to Gronk. However, the celebrations eventually got the best Brady.

Not long after the boat parade ended, videos floated around online of Brady with a big smile being helped off the boat. “Drunk Tom Brady” started to trend on social media almost immediately. In addition, the quarterback decided to troll himself when he poked fun of the video of him stumbling off the boat.

“Noting to see her…just litTle avoCado tequila,” Brady hilariously tweeted.