Buccaneers vs. Chiefs: Tampa Bay Pays Tribute to Victims of Hurricane Ian Ahead of National Anthem

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

In the wake of the destruction Hurricane Ian, Tampa Bay had a moment of silence for the victims ahead of their NFL game with the Chiefs. Tampa Bay didn’t take the brunt of the storm, but it was slightly affected earlier in the week. Places like Fort Myers were not as lucky.

Lee County, Florida alone has lost 35 people to the storm. Players, fans, and others in attendance stood quiet and somber for a moment of silence before tonight’s prime-time matchup.

The moment elicited a lot of different reactions from fans watching at home. All eyes are on this game, and that moment was seen by a ton of people. The NFL usually only does things like this after major events. So, it makes sense to have a moment like this after such a tragic event.

Fans React to Tampa Bay Moment of Silence

Fans watching at home were not sure what the moment was at first. The announcer said it was a moment of support, not silence. However, the stadium fell quiet, and players bowed their heads as everyone reflected on the events of the last week. A lot of people in the state of Florida are hurting and need a lot of support.

Of course, people all over the country watched the destruction from afar. We saw it on the news and perhaps know someone directly affected. For this fan, it was a moment that touched their heart a bit.

Then there are people who took issue with the whole presentation. You aren’t always going to make everyone happy, even in times like this.

Tonight’s game between Tampa Bay and Kansas City is a big deal. These are two of the biggest names in the sport, the GOAT and the young QB everyone sees as the future GOAT. That’s something we won’t see again after this game.

With so many people watching this big-time battle, the moment of silence was felt throughout the NFL fanbase. Florida was hit hard by Hurricane Ian and is on the path to recovery. I’m sure that the Tampa Bay crowd was happy to take a moment to reflect.