Buffalo Bills Fans Fired Up After Huge Opening Win Against Los Angeles Rams

by Chris Haney

The NFL season is finally upon us, and the first game of the year did not disappoint… unless you’re a Los Angeles Rams fan. The Buffalo Bills showed up big time in Week 1 as they handled the Rams easily in a 31-10 win. It didn’t take Bills fans long to flock to social media to brag about their team’s performance, and rightfully so. The future is looking bright in Buffalo.

Star quarterback Josh Allen picked right back up where he left off last year leading the offense, which already looked like they’re in midseason form. Allen completed an absurd 26 of his 31 passes for 297 yards and threw three touchdowns. Plus, the 26-year-old ran for an additional 56 yards and added another touchdown on the ground. It was a standout performance by Allen who also threw two interceptions, but in the end they didn’t matter.

That’s because the Bills’ defense showed up as well as they held the Rams’ offense to only 10 points. The defense held their opponents to only 52 total rushing yards and had seven sacks on the day. Additionally, they forced Super Bowl-winning QB Matthew Stafford to throw three interceptions and held him to only one touchdown pass. Needless to say, it was a dominant victory for the Buffalo Bills and their fans, known as the Bills Mafia, and they have every right to get excited about this season.

Following last night’s performance, Bills fans took over Twitter sharing elated reactions. After a win like that against the reigning champs, the Bills Mafia thinks this could finally be their year to truly chase a Lombardi Trophy. Things are definitely clicking in Buffalo and their fans are putting the rest of the league on notice.

Buffalo Bills Fans Were Hype on Twitter After the Big Win

Following their massive win in L.A. last night, Buffalo Bills fans took to social media to make sure everyone was paying attention. You could say that morale around Buffalo is sky-high when it comes to the Bills these days.

“Friendly reminder that the Buffalo Bills *might* be good at football in the year of our Lord, 2022,” a Bills fan named Kevin amusingly tweeted.

“The @BuffaloBills whooped a good team. Doesn’t mean the @RamsNFL are trash, just means the Bills are scary good,” a second fan wrote.

“I can’t lie the Bills are looking very good,” a third said on Twitter.

Others couldn’t help but congratulate Josh Allen on a helluva game.

“Great job out there yesterday @JoshAllenQB @BuffaloBills! What an amazing team you have and your hard work that you all have put in shows. Outstanding!” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“YES! What a performance from you guys. Whether you meant it or not, that was a STATEMENT,” another fan tweeted to Josh Allen directly.

Finally, many are saying this team already looks like they have what it takes for a Super Bowl run. That’s music to the ears of Buffalo Bills fans across the nation.

“Bills look exactly like a Super Bowl favorite should look in blowout of the Rams,” a Twitter user shared.

“Buffalo Bills need to win the Super Bowl because this hype is getting lots of buzz around the NFL,” another tweeted.

It’s a long season, but the Bills have to feel good about how it started out on Thursday night. As for their fans, it’s been a long time since their team has looked this scary. Watch out for your tables, because the Bills Mafia is coming for them.