Buffalo Bills Fans’ Huge Announcement on Live TV Goes Viral

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

During the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers matchup on Sunday (October 30th), a pair of Bills fans made a fun announcement that has officially gone viral. 

FOX News reports that during the game at Highmark Stadium, a pair of male and female Buffalo Bills fans made the announcement that they are expecting a new baby. The male fan held up a sign that read, “New Baby Coming. Surprise mom and dad. Future Bills Mafia.”

The adorable sign managed to attract attention from those who handle the Buffalo Bills’ Highmark Stadium Twitter. “Twitter do your thing…,” the tweet reads with the photo of the sign. “Let’s find these new grandparents!”

The Buffalo Bills, which are 6-1 this NFL season, ended up beating the Green Bay Packers 27-17. The game had some drama, with the Packers’ head coach Matt LaFleur calling for discipline after Quay Walker’s ejection from the game. The linebacker was removed due to his role in a sideline scuffle. 

“Every area we’ve gotta improve on,” LaFleur said after the Buffalo Bills game. “Many things. I think there’s also just the discipline aspect. We’re getting killed with penalties and it’s taking points off the board. It’s extending drives. When it gets chippy, you gotta keep your poise. We can’t be losing players to personal fouls – getting in a shoving match on the sideline. That was disappointing.”

Walker also explained what happened after the game. “I just felt as I was getting up, I felt somebody push me from behind and I probably misinterpreted what it was but I just felt the push, and I’m on their sideline. Feelings just flowing. I’m very hyped and everything like that and I just reacted out of emotion.”

Walker did apologize to the person he pushed during the game.

Following Loss to Buffalo Bills, Aaron Rodgers Criticizes His Teammates Once Again 

FOX News further reported that after the loss to the Buffalo Bills, Aaron Rodgers once again called out his teammates for the game’s performance. “I mean, we’re hurting ourselves. We had a touchdown to Bobby called back on a penalty. We had other opportunities to get points.”

However, Rodgers did praise one of his teammates for their performance at the Buffalo Bills game. “I was proud of Samori [Toure] with his second adjustment on his touchdown,” Rodgers said. “That’s a big moment for the kid. First touchdown in the NFL.”

Rodgers further explained that he doesn’t feel any added pressure to get things working on offense. However, the quarterback noted he wants that chance to show that he’s still got it. “I don’t feel any added pressure. I’d like more on me,” he went on to add. “I like the pressure. I enjoy the opportunity to throw the ball down the field. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity next week. Gotta get guys healthy.”