Buffalo Bills Fans Won’t Be Kept From Their Favorite Pre-Game Activity: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

It is that special time of the year again. NFL Playoffs. And, you know exactly what Buffalo Bills fans are doing to get ready.

There likely isn’t a table within upstate New York that is safe today. With the Bills back in the playoffs, anything can happen. That’s what Bills Mafia believes anyway. And, while they get ready for Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs to take the field, they are going to jump through every plastic foldup table they can find.

While the game has a kickoff time of 8:15, by about 2 o’clock this afternoon, Bills fans were well into their tailgating festivities. Somewhere in between the early crowd starting to crash and the second wave just getting going, this Buffalo Bills fan did his best Macho Man Randy Savage impression and gave this poor table a finisher straight from the sky.

Check out the Twitter video and see for yourself.

Tonight is going to be a huge matchup with the New England Patriots and if the Bills players come out with half the enthusiasm as these fans, they should be moving on to the divisional. However, the game must still be played.

The thing I love most about the video comes down to two things. The fact that he was chugging a bottle of $8 champagne prior to the jump. Then, the fact he got right back up. This is an experienced table slammer. A man who has seen the film on himself and has adjusted to improve. The angle of the jump, the elbow, making sure his face wasn’t hurt… just the perfect jump.

Oh, and please don’t do this at home. Tables are meant to be used for intended purposes… and in the case of playoff football, I guess. Buffalo Bills fans, y’all.

Buffalo Bills Stefon Diggs Has the Best Cleats

There is a lot to celebrate if you are a Buffalo Bills fan. The team faces off against the Patriots in the Wild Card game tonight. If they win this game, then the path to the Super Bowl is kinda open. The Bills have had their issues, but there has not been a true frontrunner this season.

Anything can happen in the postseason, that’s for sure. One thing I’m almost sure of happening, Stefon Diggs is going to have some sick cleats. Diggs is known for his custom cleats. He usually throws them on to warm up and shows them off then switches to his game cleats before kickoff. His latest pair of custom kicks were tributes to Betty White.

I don’t know if White was a big football fan, but it can’t hurt to get some positive energy going his way with the gesture, eh? There is no telling who or what might be on Diggs’ cleats each week. However, if the Pats don’t pay attention to where his feet are going, he might end up in the endzone more than once. Allen and Diggs are one of the most lethal QB-WR duos in the NFL.

So, will the Buffalo Bills make the next round? Will fans jump through more tables?