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Buffalo Bills Player Returns Home Only to Find Massive Snow Block on Car: VIDEO

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Pierre-Yves Babelon via Getty Images)

Anyone who’s ever left their car outside overnight in a snowstorm knows the struggle. You wake up in the morning, walk outside, and find your car completely covered in snow. Rather than taking the time to sweep every flake away, you scrape the windows, maybe the hood, and hit the road, leaving the few inches of snow on the roof to blow away in the wind. Well, the Buffalo Bills players used the same tactic when returning to New York from Chicago.

Upon their arrival in NY from Soldier Field in Illinois, where they faced the Chicago Bears in a Christmas Eve matchup, the Buffalo Bills were faced with the effects of the ongoing winter storm. Except instead of a few inches of snow, team members were forced to contend with a few feet of the frosty substance – if they were lucky. One Buffalo Bills player had so much snow on his car that it doubled the height of the vehicle.

Many NFL fans took to the comments of the hilarious post to tease the team about their lack of parking. “Buffalo Bills can’t afford covered parking for players?” one user wrote. “Perhaps the Bills could add covered parking for their players. Just a thought,” another agreed, adding a facepalm for good measure.

Meanwhile, other users simply commented on the truly absurd amount of snow coating the Buffalo Bills’ cars. “This is actually outrageous,” one laughed. “I totally would’ve done the same thing. That is comically huge though,” another added.

Though New York wasn’t among the states hit the hardest by the bitter winter storm sweeping the country, it certainly experienced its fair share of nasty weather. “One of the most extensive, most intense blizzards I’ve ever covered,” said Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer.