Buffalo Bills Player Suspended for Accidentally Punching Titans Coach After Monday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard

NFL Monday Night Football was as good as it gets for the Buffalo Bills. However, there were some extra-curricular activities going on. For offensive lineman Bobby Hart, he let his emotions get the best of him. Hart had an incident where he threw a punch at a Titans player and ended up hitting a coach for the Tennessee team.

Due to the incident, the Buffalo Bills lineman is going to be suspended for one game without pay. The punch clearly violated the unsportsmanlike conduct rules even though it happened after the game. That rule is for “any act which is contrary to the generally understood principles of sportsmanship including throwing a punch at an opponent.”

The NFL Vice President of Football Operations, Jon Runyan, was responsible for sending the letter to Hart informing him of the suspension.

“As both teams were heading to the tunnel, you walked directly across the field to seek out your opponent,” the letter said. “You approached him near the end zone and a coach had to hold you back as others shook hands. Once you and your opponent were in the end zone near the tunnel, you confronted him and immediately swung at him with a closed fist, striking the head of a Tennessee coach. Your aggressive conduct could have caused serious injury and clearly does not reflect the high standards of sportsmanship expected of a professional.”

Hart was actually on the Tennessee Titans for part of the 2021 season before making his way back to the Buffalo Bills for 2022. Old teammate beef perhaps?

Buffalo Bills Thrash the Tennessee Titans in Primetime

Look, close games can cause tensions to run high and sometimes it boils over into physical altercations. But when your team wins 41-7, you single out one person, and then hit a coach who had nothing to do with it – that’s just absurd. Coming from the nine-year NFL veteran – it’s just not necessary. This MNF game was over before it started and the Bills did as they pleased all night.

Offense, defense, and even special teams had big plays. Meanwhile, the Titans performance caused legend Frank Wychek to tweet for the first time in almost two years. It was not a great night for the team from Tennessee. At least the Vikings stunk it up too, right? However, up in Buffalo the Bills Mafia was celebrating and looking forward to the next one.

The NFL is in full swing! And aren’t we so lucky?