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Buffalo Bills WR Stefon Diggs Tips Local McDonald’s Workers $200 Each

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images)

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life. Especially during the Christmas season where you never know what other folks might be going through. It is imperative to be kind, especially during this time, and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs did just that. Yes, the All-Pro wideout tipped local McDonald’s workers $200 each this Christmas season.

Diggs took care of the folks at a local McDonalds in Buffalo. The news was broken by a worker at that particular McDonalds who said on Instagram, “Okay, but you know you’re a real lucky ———— when Stefon Diggs comes through the ——- drive-thru and hands you $200 each.”

It was a very nice gesture by Diggs who took care of the folks working hard for others this Christmas season.

Stefon Diggs in Buffalo

Diggs has soared in Buffalo since leaving Minnesota. His connection with Josh Allen has been perfect and he has thrived on the AFC contenders. He told Buffalo News, “I haven’t reached the mountain top yet. I always aim high. I want five Super Bowl rings.”

He continued, “I want the Hall of Fame. I want the glory. I believe I’m a champion. But, more so, I want to carry some people along with me. I want my brother, Trevon, to have a good career. I want to give my mom a place where she can be comfortable.” This is who Diggs has always been. He wants to help others and give back.

He continued, “I want to give people jobs. I want to do more for D.C., my city. The mountain top isn’t just for football; it’s for life in general. The more people I can help – that’s when I’ll look back and know I made a difference.”

It’s bigger than football. It’s about other people and it includes his family and his hometown. He wants to make sure he makes a different on the field and off the field.

Diggs concluded, “I can give you a million ways to be a leader, but there’s no one real answer.” It’s all different.

He concluded, “Part of it is just being a professional and accountable. It’s like everyone in the NFL is from Missouri, the ‘Show-Me State,’ because they ask what you’ve done for them lately. You have to show me what you can do for me every day in practice and in games. The Minnesota Miracle meant nothing to my new teammates in Buffalo. One teammate said to me, ‘We don’t care what you did in Minnesota; we want to see what you can do now.’ ”

It’s hard. Staying on top in the NFL is even harder. When you get to the League you have to continue to prove yourself every single year, it doesn’t just matter what you did last year.