Cam Newton Dragged to Court by Ex-Girlfriend Over $20K in Unpaid Utilities

by Dustin Schutte

NFL quarterback Cam Newton finds himself in a predicament with ex-girlfriend Kia Proctor. The issue in question seems to be over $20,000 in unpaid utility bills.

According to Radar Online, Proctor asked a judge to find Newton in contempt for refusing to pay utility bills. He previously agreed to take care of those in a temporary arrangement. Proctor alleges he has not paid $5,500 in cable bills, $6,600 for internet, $4,725 in power and $4,532 in gas.

Per the report, those charges range from September 2020 to July 2022.

Newton reportedly pays Proctor $14,268 monthly in support and other bills. The two were together for seven years and have four children together.

Newton and Proctor are reportedly in court because they cannot reach an agreement over permanent child support payments and a custody arrangement for the children.

Cam Newton Still Searching for a Team

Though Cam Newton has been a big name in the NFL for a decade, his search for a new home continues. With the 2022 season just around the corner, he remains a free agent.

Newton has spent 10 of his 11 NFL seasons (2011-19, 2021) with the Carolina Panthers. He had a one-year stop with the New England Patriots (2020). Over the last 11 years, Newton amassed 32,382 yards with 194 touchdown passes and an additional 75 rushing touchdowns.

Newton’s record as a starting quarterback sits at 75-68-1.

The big reason he can’t land with a team? Pro Football Talk‘s Mike Florio reports that teams have little interest in Newton, knowing he’s not interested in a backup role.

With the 2022 season coming up next week, there’s a good chance the NFL kicks off with Newton sitting at home rather than standing on the sidelines.