Cam Newton Teases Big Announcement But Promises He’s Not Retiring

by Thad Mitchell

After being cut by the New England Patriots only a few days ago, everyone is wondering what the next move is for NFL superstar quarterback Cam Newton.

The former Pro Bowl quarterback lost the starting quarterback job in New England to rookie Mac Jones. No longer in need of his services, the Patriots cut Newton a short time ago and he remains without a team. Newton struggled mightily last season, his first playing for Bill Belichick and the Patriots. No one expected him to fill the shoes of Tom Brady but Cam Newton had an uncharacteristic season as the pats failed to make the playoffs. Reports out of New England suggest that Jones won the position or Newton due to his mastery of the team’s playbook. Newton had his bright spots last season but they were few and far between as the organization decided it was time for a change.

Now, NFL fans want to know what is net for Cam Newton as his career could go a couple of different ways at this point. On his social media pages, he teases big news is coming toward the end of this week. We don’t know what this “big news” is but Newton says it is definitely not a retirement announcement. Cam Newton says that he has plenty left in the football tank.

“On this week’s Funky Friday — I have a lot to get off my chest,” Newton says in the brief video cliff. “This is not a retirement speech and I have a lot of football still left in me.”

Cam Newton Facing Free Agency After Pats Release

One of the NFL’s most popular athletes, Cam Newton’s Instagram post took in more than 280,000 views within two hours of going live.

Fans are wondering just what Cam Newton will “get off his chest” this Friday. There are several possibilities for just what he has planned for this Friday.

Cam Newton could announce he’s signed with a new NFL team this Friday. As he says in the video, he still has a lot of football left in him. He also plays the most important position in sports and plays it at a very high level. All-Pro quarterbacks don’t exactly grow on trees and NFL teams are always looking for quality shot callers. The question is what kind of role is Cam Newton willing to accept as he looks for a new team. He would no doubt prefer to be a starter but that might be hard to find. If he is willing to be a backup, his options grow exponentially.

One of the most colorful personalities to grace the NFL, Cam Newton’s Friday announcement could be about something other than football.

The NFL season will get started this weekend, so if Cam Newton is looking for a new team — it would serve him well to get a move on.