Camera Quality for Oregon vs. Stanford is Hilariously Bad, Pac-12 Fans Sounding Off

by Jonathan Howard

No matter how hard the Pac-12 tries, they can’t help but run into hilarious obstacles. Oregon vs. Stanford was aired in 480p today.

Seriously, with all the technology and advancements in TV quality, where everything is high def including our cell phones, how does a Power 5 game get aired in such bad quality? I thought I had the local high school broadcast on. Just look at the quality in this short highlight.

While the play on the field is interesting and Oregon is on upset alert, the quality of the broadcast is just awful. Fans have been sounding off on social media. They are letting ESPN know what they think about the camera quality.

When it comes to airing a game on ABC, CBS, or any major network, you expect the quality to be high. These are the big games they want all the eyeballs on. However, this broadcast just did not meet standards. Maybe they forgot the cameras and had to raid the old AV room on campus. Who knows, but viewers just can’t stand the quality.

Oregon vs Stanford Viewers Criticize Camera Quality

Over on Twitter, it was more than a few viewers who had noticed the quality. When there is so much talk about new cameras and the production value around these games, it makes it that much worse when the picture on TV is just SD. This Oregon game deserves better than what was given.

Standard definition is so obvious in a world of HD.

One user, @whatareopinions Tweeted, “You should be embarrassed by the quality of the Oregon game @espn @ESPNPR. We can tell when you try to upscale SD and do a terrible job of it. Especially after bragging about “8k cameras” the week before.”

Everyone loves a good throwback, but let’s keep the cameras and the low definition back in the last century. At least, that’s if you ask Brandon Kolb. He tweeted, “For the second week in a row, the ESPN cameras for the Oregon game look like they’re from the 90s.

You know, 1997 was a great year. I was born, Kentucky basketball was in the middle of winning two national championships in three years, and Tim Couch was bringing the air raid to Kentucky football. However, no one could read the numbers on the jerseys when watching on TV.

The picture quality had Zach Mullis, @zmullis, feeling a little nostalgic as he watched Oregon and Stanford. “ESPN is using a camera from 1997 to broadcast this Oregon/Stanford game.” He then followed that up with just a simple, “120p.”

Yikes. Needless to say, folks aren’t happy as they try and catch a big upset battle in the Pac-12. Oregon has to prove they are a top team and they have not been doing that. If they lose to Stanford they can kiss the College Football Playoffs goodbye.