Cardinals, 49ers Will Be Played at Historic Elevation During Monday Night Football in Mexico City

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images)

Tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers will be in Mexico City. That means this game will be played at the highest elevation in the entire NFL. We know how Denver and Mile High Stadium affect opposing teams, how will Mexico City treat these two teams?

If we see a huge play for 60+ yards, we might see the oxygen tanks get brought out. 7,200 feet above sea level is no joke. When you throw in the fact that the 49ers play pretty much at sea level, it will be quite a shock. Even the Cardinals will experience an increase of more than 6,0000 feet in elevation.

The thin air is going to make this challenging for these NFL teams on Monday Night Football. Even compared to Mile High in Denver, Estadio Azteca is more than 1,900 feet higher. This would be a challenge for any team going into Mexico City. However, it will be a boon to the kicking game.

The thinner air does allow the ball to fly further through the air. So, we will see if there are any long-distance field goals attempted tonight in the low pressure. That does make things more complicated for the athletes though.

Officials and medical personnel will be on hand to deal with any issues that players might have issues with the altitude. These teams might have to pull deep from their rosters to make sure everyone is able to recover between plays.

Monday Night Football in Mexico City

Once again Estadio Azteca is set to host an NFL game. This will be the fifth time that this stadium has hosted the NFL and many fans are hoping that it will be the best edition of the international affair. San Francisco and Arizona are two of the biggest franchises in Mexico, so there is a lot to play for among fans in the country.

Monday Night Football has not had a lot of great games this season. There have been a couple, but fans have had their complaints. When the ball is kicked off, the players and coaches won’t be thinking about the elevation change. All they will think about is winning a football game.

Colt McCoy is starting for the Cardinals while Kyler Murray is still out with a hamstring injury. Some fans think he might be the answer for the Arizona team, but I’m a bit skeptical. Who do you have in this game tonight, Outsiders?