Carolina Panthers Unveil Sleek Black Helmet Ahead of 2022 NFL Season

by Patrick Norton

Color Rush Thursday Night Football remains in the past. The NFL‘s brief campaign to inspire creativity and color last just three full seasons. However, in a 2015 trial run, the Carolina Panthers introduced a Carolina blue uniform, complete with top and pants. Teams still occasionally include the old Color Rush threads in the seasonal rotation.

But a ruling by the league in 2013 prohibited the usage of alternate helmets, fearing breached safety and concussion protocols. However, the league is reversing course, retracting the ruling, paving the way for alternate helmets on the scene again. Teams have already opted to take advantage of the league’s laxed guidelines, introducing helmets and returning retired uniforms from the vault.

The Carolina Panthers join the bandwagon, adding a black helmet with blue accents into the fold. Released on Tuesday morning (July 19), the team posted an unveiling video of the new buckets on Twitter.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter shared a set of up-close photos shortly thereafter.

Carolina Panthers Joining Trend, Introducing Helmets, Retro Wear

Earlier in the month, the Houston Texans announced plans to introduce a primarily red helmet in 2022. Calling the flair “Battle Red”, the team expects to don the newest addition for just one game in the upcoming regular season.

Last week, the Cincinnati Bengals teased the unveiling of a white helmet for future use. Not released to the public, the expectation is a white helmet with black stripes. Or maybe a black helmet with white stripes.

In addition to the Texans, Bengals and now the Panthers, the New England Patriots plan to reincorporate the team’s red tops from the 1960s. Throwing it back to the glory-less days, the Philadelphia Eagles also expect to return the Kelly green threads from decades ago. Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons anticipate adding new helmets into the repertoire.