Carolina Panthers’ Mixed Reality Panther Has Returned And It’s Even More Terrifying Than We Remembered

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Yikes! The supersized monster mascot is back at it for the Carolina Panthers. You might want to watch this with only one eye open.

For the second week in a row, the Carolina Panthers let its mixed reality panther out to prowl in pre-game. No matter how many times you watch the same clip, it’s still freaky and so very football scary.

The Panthers social media account posted a clip of the pre-game, proclaiming “The mixed-reality panther is back!!!” (And yes, we’re here for it).

This Carolina Panther prefers the nose-bleed section of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. It’s better to see his prey. He then vaults from the middle of the upper deck to the giant video board in the end zone. The cat grabs the New Orleans Saints banner in his mouth then pounces to the field, landing at about the 50. From there, he ominously twirls so that all fans can see him as he shakes the Saints flag. He drops the banner then jumps to the base of the goal post and uses that to vault to the top of the other video board. He gives one last, fierce growl and jumps out of the stadium.

The Panther won’t hurt the home crowd. But Saints fans might want to hide under their seats, maybe stick a bag over their heads.

The Famous Group Created Giant Cat for Carolina Panthers

The Famous Group created the super panther. The company, which specializes in some really cool fan experiences, has done work for 13 Super Bowls and the draft as part of its work with the NFL.

Baltimore also features a giant raven flying laps around M&T Bank Stadium. The group also has joined forces with Live Nation, the NBA finals, the NCAA Final Four and NHL All-Star Weekend. It lists more than 90 sports teams or venues as its clients.

Other teams are using the same company to create some really cool fan experiences. Here’s a “Hot Wheels-inspired” mixed reality cart race at NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans. The team and a local grocery store chain used the mixed reality technology for a promotion.

There appeared to be some tweaks from last week’s pre-game. It looks like the monster version of Sir Purr now has blue eyes, the same color as the Carolina Panthers. And, of course the panther switched opponent banners, going from the Jets to the Saints.

If you’re in the stadium watching the Carolina Panthers in person, you could hear what sounded like statues crumbling and groaning as the big cat jumped into the stadium. The project has been in the works since July.

The big cat was good luck for the Carolina Panthers a week ago since they beat the Jets. The giant feline will appear at all home games in 2021.