WATCH: Carolina Panthers Star Christian McCaffrey Trades Cleats to Young Fan for Cool Ranch Doritos and Oreos

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Christian McCaffrey once said in an interview that his favorite snack was Cool Ranch Doritos. Little did he know, a young fan named Mason was listening.

Mason is a lifelong Carolina Panthers fan and McCaffrey is his favorite player. He saw the interview where the NFL running back shared his favorite food and had an idea. The 13-year-old would bring a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos to training camp and see if he could make a trade for some McCaffrey memorabilia.

After practice last week at training camp, Mason stood along the side of the field. When McCaffrey came over to start signing autographs, he asked if he could trade the Cool Ranch Doritos for a pair of gloves.

McCaffrey was definitely smitten by Mason’s attention to detail. He said he did not have his gloves with him, but said if Mason brought Oreos – his other favorite snack – to training camp the next day, they would make the trade.

And wouldn’t you know it? Mason returned 24 hours later with a bag of Oreos. But instead of gloves, McCaffrey went all out for the young fan, having a Panthers assistant bring out an autographed pair of Nike cleats. Carolina cataloged the entire exchange in a social media video.

“Cool Ranch Doritos are my favorite flavor and one of my cheat meals, so when I saw them, I knew I had to sign his autograph,” McCaffrey added later. “Turns out he didn’t only have great taste, but he was a great kid. It was a true gentleman’s trade.”

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Training camp is a great time for NFL fans to have close interactions with their favorite players. During the season, there just are not many opportunities.

Over the past week, quarterbacks Kenny Pickett, Mac Jones and Justin Fields have all gone out of their ways to make the days of some young fans. Along with McCaffrey, these guys have shown their impact both on and off the field.

In the days following Christian McCaffrey’s trade, fans have continued to bring Oreos to training camp in the hopes he would have more gear to give away.

“Boys, I’m gonna gain 15 pounds if I keep eating these Oreos,” McCaffrey joked while signing numerous autographs. “I’m appreciative of them, though. I’ll take them.”