CBS All Access Streaming Service Crashes During Super Bowl LV and NFL Fans are Furious

by Jon D. B.

Right as Super Bowl LV was heating up, CBS All Access’ streaming services crashed across the board, causing NFL fans to miss much of the opening ceremonies, the coin toss, and more. Needless to say, paying subscribers are furious – and letting CBS know it.

CBS All Access has dropped the ball. Hard. Mere minutes ago as Super Bowl LV began, the network’s streaming services across all platforms, devices, and apps, completely crashed. Football fans need not be told that CBS has the exclusive rights to stream LV, yet some fans still cannot access the big game. Many of these fans are letting CBS have it on Twitter, and are (like Outsider) in pure disbelief.

How, or why, CBS did not prepare for the streaming pressure of the biggest sporting event of the year is flabbergasting. Many viewers – which have to pay for their “All Access” subscriptions, are replying directly to CBS sports for their titanic failure:

“So I guess living in the US I can’t watch?” tweets one user who is experiencing the “licensing restrictions” version of CBS’s Super Bowl LV crash. Other users are getting 404s on their computers, while the app on phones is outright crashing completely.

NFL fan Zene Coley is getting the “technical difficulties” variation – each more infuriating than the last.

The problem is widespread, with literally thousands of tweets hammering the social media platform. Many of the outraged viewers are targeting CBS directly, letting them know of this “outrageous, epic fail.”

“How is this possible in 2021?” Another fan tweets.

Fan Tips on How to Fix CBS Super Bowl LV Crash

Thankfully, however, NFL fans are coming to each other’s rescue for Super Bowl LV. NFL fan Phil says to “Deleted and reinstall #CBSallaccess app. It’s working now.”

Another fan says he’s gotten it to work, too. He is employing the same method. The crash still managed to make him miss the coin toss, however.

NFL fan Nina has the strongest tip for fellow fans: “People struggling to watch the superbowl with Cbs All Access; download the NFL app and sign into cbs all access there. Working great for us!” she cites.

Good lookin’ out, Nina. NFL fans aren’t just complaining, they’re helping each other out.