CeeDee Lamb Makes Unbelievable One-Handed Touchdown Catch on Monday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

After a half of no touchdowns, the scoring opened up and CeeDee Lamb made the play of the game on this NFL Monday Night. The Cowboys and Giants couldn’t sniff the endzone for two quarters. However, after some help from a Tracy Morgan appearance on the ManningCast, the offense started to roll.

While players like Saquon Barkley were marking plays for the Giants, CeeDee Lamb showed why he is one of the most dangerous receivers in the National Football League. This is a catch that few players could even think of making.

Of course, with a touchdown like that, you know fans were losing it online. CeeDee Lamb is an entertainer, clearly. Giants fans couldn’t stand watching, but everyone else was just in awe of what they were seeing on the field. He didn’t get a lot of love in the first half, but he is making up for it in the second.

Cooper Rush has some weapons at his disposal. He doesn’t have to worry about anything but getting it in the area of guys like Lamb. Fans were losing their minds online.

Earlier in the game, CeeDee Lamb had a dropped catch that had fans upset. They were comforted by the fact that Lamb made up for it with this second-half drive. To cap it all off with a score is just massive.

CeeDee Lamb Brings Excitement to MNF Game

Until a big Saquon Barkley run for a touchdown, this game was a little stale. The low scoring in the first half had some folks with no hope for the second. Then, it started to get going for both teams. As the Giants and Cowboys had their offensive line troubles improve.

CeeDee Lamb gave the Cowboys faithful some hope. He made a big play on 4th down and made an even bigger play with the one-handed touchdown catch. Getting the points was major. Monday Night Football is when players make big plays and Lamb made what was likely the biggest play of the night.

This was a good old-fashioned Dallas and New York matchup. We had big defensive plays, plays like the CeeDee Lamb catch, and some funny commentary as well.