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Chad Johnson Says He Loves His Fans So Much He’d Streak At the Super Bowl for Them

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Chad Johnson fans, would you want to see this?

The former NFL standout said he loves his Twitter followers so much he’d be willing to streak across the Super Bowl. And he loves them so much, he’d be wearing nothing but some body paint that reads “my followers are awesome.”

Chad Johnson, whose Twitter handle is “ochocinco” his old nickname, was in a social media mood Saturday night. It’s his deal. He’s always entertaining on Twitter.

Using some salty language, Johnson posted: “I f—ing love all of you, how much do I love you, you ask? I love you f—ers so much I’d streak the Super Bowl naked with “my followers are awesome” spray painted across my chest.”

Chad Johnson Was Stuck At Airport, So He Tweeted

Chad Johnson was at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport Saturday night when he was tweeting about the love for his fans. According to his Twitter timeline, his flight back to Miami was delayed. And he was looking for a restaurant to kill some time in. Johnson tweeted that the Starbucks was closed.

He’d been a participant at an autograph and memorabilia show in Allen, a suburb outside of Dallas. He was signing autographs alongside the likes of Ricky Williams and Billy Sims, both former Heisman Trophy winners and baseball players Jack Clark and Darren Oliver.

Johnson does have some Super Bowl experience, but it’s been a while. He played in football’s biggest game for New England in February 2012.

Johnson was having fun with his fans Saturday night as he waited for his flight. He shared his soccer knowledge in one post. He told one fan “You thinking I’m famous is funny like I’m Kanye or some shit lol.”

It’s certainly a way to spend a Saturday night stuck in an airport.

Johnson Played In One Super Bowl. He Lost

If you’re wondering about the real Super Bowl, that’s next Sunday. Tampa Bay will play host to Kansas City, the defending Super Bowl champions. The Buccaneers quarterback is Tom Brady. Coincidentally, Brady and Johnson were teammates in Super Bowl XLVI played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Chad Johnson chose to keep a low profile during the game’s gigantic media day. He wasn’t his cheeky self.

“I’m learning, experiencing, becoming a sponge and learning the Patriot way,” Johnson said. That’s it.”

Johnson spent his first decade in the NFL playing for Cincinnati. He never won a playoff game until the Bengals traded him to the Patriots in 2011.

Johnson didn’t do much for the Patriots that season, catching only 15 passes. When he was asked what he learned from it, Johnson said” “That I can shut the [expletive] up.” However, Johnson didn’t get a Super Bowl ring. The New York Giants beat the Patriots, 21-17.

Since Johnson was showing all his love on social media Saturday night, we doubt he’ll actually streak next Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

But he’ll always love his fans. Back in 2020 during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chad Johnson left a $1,000 tip for a waiter. His bill was only $37. So who knows, maybe Johnson will get his chest painted with the words “my followers are awesome.”