Chad Johnson Shares His Take on How To Fix New York Jets Offense

by Charles Craighill

In a tweet today, NFL receiving legend Chad Johnson proposed a solution to the New York Jets’ abysmal offense. After one of the worst seasons in franchise history, the Jets have to make some changes. Many experts thought that Trevor Lawrence could save the team, but the Jacksonville Jaguars will likely draft him with the first overall pick. So now the Jets will have to look elsewhere to solve their issues. 

“Jets Jets Jets,” Chad Johnson Tweeted with an article in Deshaun Watson considering a trade. “And add a Julio jones, problem solved offensively,” he added. 

Breaking Down Chad Johnson’s Take

Chad Johnson has a point. The Houston Texans quarterback had expressed his disdain with the organization’s decision making of late. In all likelihood, Watson will not play for the Texans next season. If the Jets can find someone the Texans will accept in a trade, the Jets could improve drastically. 

As Chad Johnson mentioned, the addition of Julio Jones would help solve the Jets’ offensive woes. However, the addition of Jones would be slightly more complicated. The Falcons are much more reluctant to let go of Jones, and Jones has not expressed a desire to leave as much as Watson. He also signed a contract extension in Atlanta this year that will last until 2024.

New York Jets Offensive Woes

The Jets finished just 2-14 and ranked dead last in total yards and points through the season. They also ranked last in first downs. On top of their offensive misery, the New York Jets played themselves out of the first overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft.

In week 15 of the regular season, the New York Jets won their first game of the season against the Los Angeles Rams. This effectively destroyed their chances of getting the first overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. Other than that, the win seemed to do nothing for the franchise as a whole. It is understandable for teams to play to win, but at what cost?