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Chad Johnson Spreads Holiday Cheer By Leaving Florida Restaurant Worker Huge Tip

by Jennifer Shea
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Former National Football League wide receiver Chad Johnson got into the holiday spirit at a Jacksonville, Florida restaurant on Friday.

Johnson had gone to a Miller’s Ale House in the Jacksonville area and had run up a $41 tab, Fox News reports. But Johnson really liked his server. So he decided to leave a better-than-average tip for him. 

“I found a Miller’s Ale House near the mall, my server is cool & has no idea the blessing in which will be bestowed upon him,” Johnson tweeted.

The ex-football player ultimately tipped his server $963. That’s the number of yards Washington receiver Terry McLaurin has posted this season, according to Fox News.

He left a message on the bill that said, “Always play Uno on dates to decide who pays the bill.”

Server Michael Formanek told Action Jax 30 that the tip will really help out during the holidays.

“The plans for this money, it’s definitely going to help Christmas, it’s definitely going to help pay a couple of bills. Probably take Mom to a nice dinner,” Formanek said.

Formanek shared that he’d been out of work for about six months due to the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on the restaurant. He had just restarted work several days ago when Chad Johnson showed up.

“When you do good, good comes back to you, and you should always be kind to everybody. Because you just never know what anybody’s going through,” Formanek’s mother Jeri told Action Jax 30.

Formanek said he’s still stunned by the tip. But he said he tried to convey his gratitude to Johnson at the time.

“I wanted to go hug him! You know? I didn’t. But I was on the patio, and I kind of yelled ‘thank you!’ And I did a little thumbs up. He’s like, ‘You’re welcome man! You were cool! I appreciate you!’” Formanek said.