WATCH: Chaos Ensues After Basketball Referee Punches Coach on Sideline

by Patrick Norton

By the time police officers arrived to break up a melee at a basketball game in Kansas City, the fight had ended. Participants and victims declined to press charges, too. Without video of the incident, all we’d have is word-of-mouth explanations. But there is footage of the brawl.

The incident occurred following a controversial technical foul call. The coach’s poor reaction to the call doesn’t resonate well with the referee. While the coach continues a path of agitation, the ref attempts to play the role of the bigger man and remove himself from the situation. However, following repeated efforts to create distance, the official takes a swing at the coach, landing a right hook.

Video immediately shifts out of focus as a melee begins. The rest in unclear, but at the bottom of a dogpile sits the ref attempting to cover his extremities. As parents, refs, players and bystanders try to rip the adults apart, the coach continues his assault.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance, subjecting kids playing a game to the violence of two idiotic and immature adults. Basketball offers tremendous opportunities for young players to grow their game with ample exposure. Instead, a silly spat and altercation mars the contest.

Basketball + WWE + Football = Indoor Football

One indoor football league is scrambling for answers following a brawl that led to an incident involving a fan. A brouhaha that spilled out of the field of play included a fan wielding a metal folding chair to whack a player on the back of his helmet.

Players from the Dallas Prime entered the stands before opening a can of whoop-ass on the fan. Similar to the hoops get-together, no consequences for anybody to this point except for the resulting bruises and cuts. However, the incident is still under investigation by local authorities.