Chargers’ Donald Parham Hospitalized After Scary End Zone Incident

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

During last night’s Thursday Night Football game, Chargers tight end Donald Parham suffered a head injury and was stretchered off the field. He immediately was taken to the hospital where he’s being evaluated and undergoing further tests.

The Los Angeles Chargers welcomed the Kansas City Chiefs last night for an AFC West matchup that had huge divisional implications. Early in the first quarter, the 24-year-old attempted to catch a 5-yard pass from quarterback Justin Herbert in the back of the end zone. Instead of bringing the would-be touchdown in, his head slammed against the ground and he dropped the ball.

Parham seemed to lose consciousness immediately as cameras captured him with his eyes closed and mouth wide open. His arms stayed up and in a bent position as a teammate tried to help him up. Trainers and medics at the scene removed Donald Parham’s facemask and transferred him to a backboard. Concerned players from each team looked on as he was wheeled off the field while his arms shook even while strapped down.

Following the game, Chargers coach Brandon Staley touched on the scary incident.

“Any time you see that live and you’re close to it, it impacts you,” Staley explained. “But then at the same time, you know, we’re trying to play for him the rest of the way. And that’s what our guys did tonight, they laid it on the line and played a whale of a game for him.”

QB Justin Herbert Comments On Donald Parham Injury

Medics rushed TE Donald Parham to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center following the incident on the field. The Chiefs ended up tying the game late and winning in overtime 34-28. However, everyone’s thoughts and concerns were on the tight end after.

Reporters spoke to quarterback Justin Herbert who called Parham an “incredible” teammate and friend and shared that everyone in the locker room is praying for him.

“I’m just hoping for the best. Parham has been an incredible teammate and an incredible friend. He’s been nice to everyone in that locker room, and everyone loves him,” Herbert said.

“Obviously it’s incredibly tough to see him down on the field. But he’s tough,” he added. “He’s a fighter, and we’ve just got to pray for him and hope for him, and hopefully he’s ready to go.”

FOX Announcer Joe Buck In Hot Water For Comments On Parham’s Injury

As medics stretchered Donald Parham off the field, FOX announcer Joe Buck commented that he didn’t want to speculate about the tight end’s injury. It was too early to assume, but Buck’s following comments irked many fans and analysts.

“When you see his arms shaking and his hands shaking on his way out, that’s the part that’s most unnerving. I will just add this: It is very cold, at least by Los Angeles standards, down on the field. Hopefully, that was the issue more than anything else,” Buck said during the broadcast.

While Buck may have meant well, the comments came off as dismissive compared to how serious Parham’s injury obviously is. The announcer would’ve been better off to simply wish Parham a speedy recovery, but he’s now taking flak from NFL fans across the country.