Charles Barkley Gives Strategy for Talking Trash in the Digital Age

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images for PGD Global)

One of the major reasons every sports fan loves Charles Barkley is that the star of Inside The NBA is never afraid to speak his mind. Ever.

However, in today’s culture speaking your mind is complicated. It can come at a major cost. For someone as hilarious and open as Barkley, hearing what he thinks about the ever-changing culture is incredibly interesting.

What is one major tip from Barkley? “I’ve never sent an email,” Barkley said on The Steam Room with Ernie Johnson. “I know how to respond.”

Wait, what?

“I don’t know how to do one. I don’t know how to initiate one. But I do, I can respond. I will admit that.

What?! Barkley told Ernie Johnson that he has never sent an email. In 2021, how is this possible? Who hasn’t sent an email, not even one? This only adds to the legend of Charles Barkley. It makes sense that it would be the NBA legend of all people who has never sent one email. In a Curb Your Enthusiasm-type way, this sounds like something Larry David, the brilliant mind behind Seinfeld, might dream up for a character. “I never send an email, only respond!” You could see George saying, right?

Charles Barkley has more thoughts for you

Barkley continues, “To all you idiots, fools, and jackasses out there, it’s alright to talk bad about people. We all do it. But we don’t leave a paper trail. I talk bad about people the old-fashioned way – behind their back. I don’t put it in writing.”

Once again, Barkley showcases his humor, but the legend does not pretend to be holier-than-thou, he knows he is not perfect. Charles Barkley knows he is going to gossip to friends and family. The former Phoenix star is just not going to put it in writing. So, he is not going to jeopardize his career because of a rogue email. This is sound advice for those who email often. Once it is sent, it’s over. It’s sent. you cannot take it back. It is out there for all to see forever. By never sending an email, Barkley is ensuring he never makes a tragic mistake. Again, this is not because Barkley is pretending to be something he’s not, he just knows who he is. Moreover, he is both careful and hilarious. It’s what makes him such a legendary figure even years and years after he retired from the NBA.

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