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Charles Barkley Takes Hilarious Jab at Shaq on The Ellen Show, Shares Other Opinions

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by DAVID X PRUTTING/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Charles Barkley has a hot take for nearly everything. They run the gamut from great to garbage, but they’re always entertaining. So Ellen DeGeneres wanted Barkley’s reactions to a few topics including friend Shaquille O’Neal on a recent episode of her show, and Barkley didn’t disappoint.

DeGeneres eased him in with a question what he thought about the vegetable kale.

“Kale is just lettuce,” the NBA Hall of Famer responded without hesitation. “Another scam they got going to charge you more for romaine letter.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show host got to question everyone to know.


“Just an ugly, big person,” he said to uproarious laughter from the crowd. “Hey, hey, good guy. But just an ugly, big person.”

We also learned that Barkley burned his underwear 25 years ago and has gone “commando” ever since. Who says daytime talk shows don’t get to the hard-hitting questions.

Charles Barkley, Shaq Have Feuded Over the Years

Aside from their time against one another on the court, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal have sat across from each other on The NBA on TNT for years. They both have some good basketball insight and a strong sense of what they want to see from the game. But it’s not uncommon for their old rivalry to rear up and cause some issues. Mostly, Barkley takes issue when Shaq brings up his four NBA championships to Barkley’s zero.

So that, of course, is O’Neal’s first port-of-call whenever he wants to annoy Barkley.

In 2018, O’Neal thought Barkley was going to easy on DeMar DeRozan’s poor play.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to championships. Stop babying these players, you got babied and that’s why you ain’t win,” O’Neal said.

Or later when Barkley called out Shaq’s defense. O’Neal made sure to remind him of the scoreboard.

“I speak from not being a great defensive player, but having championship experience,” O’Neal said. “I know what the hell I’m talking about.”

“… Don’t forget about Kobe (Bryant) and Dwyane Wade carrying your fat ass,” Barkley snapped back.

Only a few days later, with tensions between the big men still peaking, Barkley told O’Neal that one-on-one defense wasn’t always possible against some players.

“Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) would’ve killed you,” Barkley snapped. “He would’ve skyhooked your big ass to death.”

At this point, Barkley and O’Neal are an old married couple. They’ll make snide and cutting remarks but they’ll make up before the end of the show.