Charles Barkley Tells TNT to ‘Get Law & Order’ Re-Runs Ready After He and Phil Mickelson Get Lead in ‘The Match’

by Quentin Blount

NBA legend Charles Barkley has turned up the smack-talking as he and professional golfer Phil Mickelson take the lead in “The Match.”

Barkley has insisted that his golf game has gotten better. He is teaming up with Phil Mickelson in a match against Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry and former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Proceeds from “The Match: Champions for Change,” will benefit historically Black colleges and universities.

“The Match” is taking place today. It started at 3 p.m. Eastern at Stone Canyon in Arizona. However, by the sounds of it, Barkley thinks the match might be over before it was scheduled to be. He asked bystanders to call the top dogs at TNT and asked them to “get some Law and Order re-runs ready.”

“Hey, do me a favor. Call Jeff Zucker and Craig Barry and tell them to get some of them Law and Order re-runs ready in about five more holes,” Barkley says.

The Awful Announcing Twitter account posted the video clip to their page.

“Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley are up big at The Match, to the point Chuck is calling for TNT to have Law & Order episodes ready to fill time,” they wrote.

Just two years ago, Tiger Woods and Mickelson went head-to-head in the first of what would be a series of television-worthy golf matches. However, after that, they moved to a team format. The new format saw two of the best golfers in history adding a pair of future NFL Hall of Famers to the lineup in Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Steph Curry and Peyton Manning Fire Shots at Charles Barkley Ahead of ‘The Match’

Barkley and his golf swing have been the subject of conversation — and criticism — for many years. Curry, who is the partner of Manning against Barkley and Mickelson, made sure to remind anyone who might have forgotten what Barkley’s golf swing looks like.

“They’re gonna have to put that 24 second shot clock on Chuck for this thing,” Curry joked. “He’s gonna be burning daylight out there @PhilMickelson #TheMatch

Barkley said he’s been working on his game tirelessly and doesn’t want to let his partner Mickelson down. That includes spending at least five hours a day on the course for the last month. In addition, Barkley said he’s even played the exact tournament course three times recently. He said he would be disappointed if he didn’t play well.

Hearing that, Manning, of course, had to take a shot at Barkley as well.

“That’s kind of news to me that Charles has been to Stone Canyon three times. He hasn’t played golf. He’s just gone there to eat three times,” Manning joked. “They have a great lunch and dinner service. So, this will be his first time playing the course in the actual match on Friday.”

There’s plenty more amusing exchanges during the 22-minute tournament preview. Barkley made fun of Manning and Curry’s Hall of Fame chances, which are basically all but a guarantee. And of course, everyone joked about Barkley’s awful golf swing.