Charles Woodson Questions Jon Gruden’s Comments on ‘Most Horrific Play’ Association

by Suzanne Halliburton

Charles Woodson to Jon Gruden – dude, your memory is bad.

We’re assuming that’s how you can translate Woodson’s recent social media reply. It was in regards to what Gruden said about the end of Sunday’s game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Miami Dolphins. Miami won, 26-25. The Dolphins snatched the win thanks to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 34-yard heave to set up the 44-yard field goal in the final seconds.

A Raider defender pulled on Fitzpatrick’s facemask and that still wasn’t enough to stop the throw.

Gruden called the pass completion with the facemask “the most horrific play I’ve ever been associated with.”

Umm, anybody want to tell Gruden? OK, Charles Woodson will.

Maybe forgive Gruden a bit. He was locked in on the loss knocking the Raiders from the playoffs. Plus, media and fans pummeled Gruden’s late decisions. Like, why did the Raiders not try for an easy touchdown late in the fourth quarter, but we digress.

Charles Goodson knows first hand a far worse play. It happened to him as a player with Gruden as his head coach.

Anybody Still Remember Charles Woodson, Tom Brady And The Tuck Rule?

Anyone remember the “Tuck Rule Game.” You may know it by its official name, the 2001 AFC Divisional Playoff between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders. Or perhaps you can recall it as one of the countless times Tom Brady got a break.

The Patriots, hosting the game at old Foxboro Stadium, won 16-13. Scoring was at a premium. That’s what happens when heavy snowfalls throughout the game and makes running, catching and tackling akin to skating on an ice rink. By the game’s end, snowdrifts formed in the end zone. It made for better celebratory snow angels.

The Raiders, which were then coached by Gruden, led most of the game. Oakland looked like it had the victory sealed on a fantastic play by safety Charles Woodson with just under two minutes to go. He blitzed Brady from Brady’s blindside. Not only did Woodson notch the sack, he swatted the ball away from Brady, his old Michigan teammate. Oakland teammate Greg Biekert recovered the Brady fumble. Game over, right?

Woodson’s strip sack still is so fundamentally perfect, somewhere a coach is using the video to teach it.

Officials Give Ball Back to Patriots and Brady

But the officials said, not so fast. After a review, the officials gave the ball back to Brady and the Patriots. Officials determined that Brady’s arm was going forward, meaning he was attempting to pass. The fumble was a harmless incompletion in the snow. However, video did show that Brady stopped his motion and tucked the ball, protecting himself from the blitz.

Adam Vinatieri tied the game with a 45-yard field goal with a minute to play. Vinatieri won it in overtime with a 23-yard kick.

In an interview with NFL Films, Woodson called the ref’s decision “the worst call in the history of all sports.”

Now, can you see why Woodson was so dumb founded by Gruden’s comments this week?