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Charlotte Soccer Fans Sing National Anthem in Unison in New Tradition

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Soccer fans in Charlotte, N.C., have kicked off a new tradition of singing the National Anthem in unison at the start of games. This all kicked off after a singer’s performance happened to be cut short by technical difficulties. What happened? Well, those fans in Charlotte that root for Charlotte FC picked up the singing. Yes, they just decided to jump in and pick up the National Anthem together. Now, it’s becoming a new tradition.

Charlotte Soccer Crowd Gets Busy By Singing National Anthem In Unison

Fans pack into Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., and cheer for their team. Before the cheers start for players, though, fans come together and raise their voices for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” This all started back in February when singer Michelle Brooks-Thompson was hired to sing the anthem.

This was going to take place during the opening ceremonies before a soccer game against the LA Galaxy. Well, her microphone cut out during the singing of the song. This is according to the Charlotte Observer. Well, the crowd gathered there for the Major League Soccer match decided to finish it themselves.

OK. Singers Adam Lee Decker and Danny McHugh were set to sing the anthem recently. They were not alone. See, the crowd just kept on singing along. McHugh just started with the song’s first few words. He quickly shifted to becoming a conductor for the big crowd there.

Fans’ Singing Styles Might Be Worth Comparisons to European Soccer Crowds

The soccer fans, devoted to their love of the sport and their team, just sang the rest. Might have given off vibes of watching soccer crowds in Europe who have sung songs in unison for decades. We get more about this from Fox News.

“It took me a second to process because of the tradition of everyone standing, removing their hats, and listening to someone like me sing the National Anthem,” McHugh said in an interview with the Charlotte Observer. “It was a very novel and cool feeling of having these thousands of voices coming back at me.”

This also helped take some pressure off of McHugh’s shoulders, too. The National Anthem, after all, does have some spots that have proven tough at times for singers. But performers do try and take it seriously to not make any mistakes.

Obviously, it is a very important song for Americans to sing. McHugh said he let the crowd handle those high notes in the song. And the Charlotte FC fans look like they will continue to do this for a long time to come. The crowd will come together and pay tribute to the country and its people. Then, they will yell their heads off for their team.