Chase Claypool Speaks Out About Why Things Didn’t Work Out in Pittsburgh

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The NFL trade deadline was wild, but one of the biggest trades had to be Chase Claypool from the Steelers to the Bears. The wide receiver was dealt away after Pittsburgh’s terrible start to the season. Meanwhile, Chicago has upgraded their offense and has been looking good.

So, what went down in Pittsburgh? Why didn’t Chase Claypool work out over there? Well, the offensive weapon answered that himself on Friday. As NFL Sunday looms a couple of days out, players and coaches took questions. While talking to the media, the trade came up.

There was a disconnect between the two parties. The Steelers didn’t see Claypool the way he saw himself. When he looked at the plays that were drawn up, he didn’t see the faith that he wanted to see.

“At some point, the perspective on me was like, ‘He’s not a red-zone threat,’ for some reason,” he explained, via Chicago Sun-Times. “Or, ‘He’s not a deep-ball threat,’ for some reason. I’m not sure when that happened, but I started getting ‘formation-ed’ away from those things.”

That led to issues with his own play.

“So it was super hard for me to make big plays because anytime there was a big play drawn up, I was on the other side of it.”

Chase Claypool Felt Misused By Steelers

After Chase Claypool was traded at the deadline, he talked to the media right after. It was more of the same message we heard from him this week. Getting traded is hard. Sometimes it is for the best and other times it could lead to further issues. To put it simply, Claypool didn’t like his role on the Steelers.

“I feel like I didn’t have the full opportunity to show what I can do this year,” Claypool said. “But, I think I’ve been able to show that in the past. And I’m excited to be able to gain that trust with Justin [Fields] to where he knows if he needs a play, he can come to me.”

That confidence is something that could lead to a lot of big plays for the Bears in the second half of the season.