Chase Elliott Sees Hometown Perspective in Braves’ World Series Run

by Courtney Blackann

NASCAR star Chase Elliott is no stranger to winning moments. He became the youngest driver to win the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2014 and continues to break records. However, the race car driver is stepping out of the spotlight to cheer on the Atlanta Braves as they try to win the Fall Classic.

During a recent interview with Fox Sports reporter Bob Pockrass, Elliott opened up about what it means to support the baseball team and being from Georgia.

Last year, Chase Elliott celebrated in his hometown of Dawsonville after winning the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series. Large crowds gathered to congratulate the 25-year-old. In a clip posted to Twitter, Pockrass asks the racer if there are any similarities to feeling that sense of hometown pride for the Braves – just as he did after his own win.

NASCAR Driver Believes World Series Run is ‘a Big Deal’

“You know, it’s, it’s super special…Last year for me was obviously a little different. You know, that was such a direct experience for me firsthand. And then you know, being a fan of the Braves and being able to go watch – I already knew that was a big deal, right?” Elliott says.

He goes on to share more about his own excitement for the team.

“The Braves have been trying to get back to the World Series for a long time. And I already kinda knew that storyline. I’ve been a fan long enough to appreciate that…it is a big deal for everyone around home. And it’s super exciting. I’ve been pulling for the Atlanta Braves for a long time and…it’s super exciting. I’m glad to see the community supporting them right now.”

The Atlanta Braves are currently ahead with a 3-1 lead against the Houston Astros. Game 4 of the World Series begins tonight at 7:15 p.m. central on Fox.

Chase Elliott Draws Inspiration from Dad

The popular NASCAR driver is used to pressure, media and scrutiny. He’s dealt with public feuds, major wins and broken records. However, he always looks to his father, William Clyde Elliott, for advice.

“The big thing from talking to dad that I feel like he’s kind of mentioned is just enjoy these moments because these aren’t things you can take for granted,” Elliott said. “You don’t know when your last race win is, you don’t know what tomorrow brings.”

The NASCAR champion went on to say:

“Nothing’s guaranteed, right? So, I think just enjoying these moments, trying to embrace them, especially after a race like Sunday, you wish you could just slow down time and enjoy that moment and make it last a little longer.” 

“I feel like that’s where I’m at right now,” he added. “Just not taking the situation for granted, knowing that it’s not an easy thing, it’s not something that comes every day, and to try to make the most of a great opportunity.”