Chase Young Trolls Philadelphia Eagles Fans With Comments About Backup QB Nate Sudfield

by Quentin Blount

Washington Football Team rookie defensive end Chase Young was trolling the Philadelphia Eagles following their win on Sunday Night Football.

To win the NFC East, the Washington Football Team needed to beat the Eagles in Sunday night’s game. They did just that, winning by a score of 20-14.

However, Philadelphia head coach Doug Pederson put third-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld in the game for starting quarterback Jalen Hurts with his team trailing in the fourth quarter. Pederson made the switch despite the game still being within reach. Sudfeld went on to throw an interception and lose a fumble on a snap during his first two possessions. 

NBC commentators Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth thought it was an indefensible move by Pederson with the game on the line.

“Al, I couldn’t have done it. I couldn’t have done what Philadelphia did,” Collinsworth said of the decision. “I simply just could not have done it. You’ve got men out there that are fighting their guts out trying to win the game. And I’m not saying, I’m not blaming anybody, I, personally, could not have done what they did.”

Members of the media and fans alike have bashed the Eagles for essentially throwing the game. The loss gives Philadelphia the No. 6 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Washington rookie Chase Young seems to agree that the Eagles made the switch from Hurts to Sudfield to throw the game. Young was the player who recovered Sudfield’s fumble, after all.

“I figured out why,” Young wrote. “I’ll keep that to myself.”

Doug Pederson Defends Decision to Pull Jalen Hurts

The quarterback position has without a doubt been a major storyline in Philadelphia during the course of the season.

Five-year veteran quarterback Carson Wentz started the year as the No. 1 option even though the team drafted Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. However, the latter gradually earned more and more playing time until he became the full-time starter.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Hurts was just 7-of-20 for 72 yards, zero touchdowns, and one interception. With that said, he did manage to score twice with his legs.

With Wentz inactive for Sunday’s game against Washington, there’s no question that Hurts was probably the best chance for the Eagles to win even with his struggles throwing the ball against Washington’s secondary.

Pederson said he made the decision because he wanted to give Sudfield some snaps.

“Yes, I was coaching to win,” Pederson said of his decision to bench Hurts for Sudfeld, a sixth-round pick by Washington in the 2016 draft. “Nate has obviously been here for four years, and I felt that he deserved an opportunity to get some snaps.”

Although if you ask Chase Young, he might tell you the Eagles put in Sudfield for a different reason.

Chase Young Wants to Face Tom Brady

The Washington rookie doesn’t seem content with just making the playoffs. He wants to deliver an upset in a prime-time showdown with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Tom Brady, I’m coming!” Young shouted as he skipped off the field. “I want Tom!”