Cheez-It Bowl Has a Cheez-It Man Zipline Into the Stadium During Pregame

by Jonathan Howard

Listen, if you are one of those people that thinks there are too many bowl games, let me introduce you to the Cheez-It Bowl and their Cheez-It King.

To get things started in Orlando, Florida, Cheez-It went all out. While the company doesn’t really have a mascot (a wheel of cheese?) they definitely have one now. A king-like mascot came down onto the field via zip line.

The Cheez-It Man looks like a mix between Mr. Pringles, the king from a deck of Bicycle playing cards, and a wheel of cheese. Yes, it’s even cooler than you imagine. So, check it out below in all of its glory from the Outsider Twitter account.

This is the kind of thing that college football fans love about this time of year. The Cheez-It Bowl didn’t have many expectations if we’re being honest. Clemson in a down year against unranked Iowa State. Now, we knew there would be Cheez-Its, probably where you wouldn’t expect like inside the bowl trophy.

However, no one thought they would make a whole mascot for the event. There aren’t enough one-off mascots in American sports. There are some great mascots from around the world that are only used once or twice.

Like, when the world track and field championships come around. The host city makes something up. Qatar had Falah the falcon for the 2019 championships. Now, Cheez-It has done this for the Cheez-It Bowl with King Cheez-It. Or… Mr. Cheez-It?

The bowl seems to be doing everything right this year. This might be a bowl that teams really look forward to in the future. At least their thirsty fans will.

Cheez-It Bowl Provides Tons of Busch Light for Iowa State Fans

To get ready for all the rowdy Iowa State fans, the Cheez-It Bowl got the favorite beer of the fanbase. Busch Light. And they got a lot of it. Taking fans as dedicated as Clemson and Iowa State fans are, putting them in Florida, and giving them a bunch of beer and cheese crackers… that sounds like a great time!

My grandfather would drool at seeing this amount of Busch Light in one place. The bowl made sure to get fans excited ahead of time. You gotta let folks know that drinks will be taken care of. No one wants a Rose Bowl-LSU situation on their hands.

This bowl really has been doing the most. They have a mascot, they have the beer, and they’re making it known that they are a fun bowl at least for the fan bases. In a world with so many bowl games, these games have to try and outdo one another. It looks like the Cheez-It Bowl knows what works. Mascots. Beer. Take notes, y’all.