The Cheez-It Bowl Has a Huge Amount of Busch Light Ready for Iowa State Fans

by Hannah Heser

The Cheez-It Bowl originally began as the Blockbuster Bowl. The game started in Miami, Florida in 1990. It did great in its first year with a matchup between Penn State and Florida State. The attendance of this game had more than 74,000 fans. And from then on, the Cheez-It Bowl has occurred every year.

With that being said, Iowa is scheduled to play Clemson tonight. Iowa State fans are also big fans of Busch Light. Can you blame them?

Busch Light Makes it’s Way to the Cheez-It Bowl Tonight

You guessed right! The Cheez-It Bowl is ready for tonight’s game with one of the Midwest’s favorite beers. As Iowans would say, very few people love this beer more than the Iowa State fans themselves. The bowl game brought in extra beer with the Cyclones in town. Just how much? Take a look below.

For example, the Cheez-It Bowl recently tweeted them calculating how much Busch Light they need for the big game. It even included a reply from Busch themselves.

“Us trying to calculate how much @BuschBeer we need to order for game day.”

And @BuschBeer replied with, “The limit does not exist.”

However, Busch Light isn’t available in certain parts of the United States. So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this tasty beer, here’s a little background on it.

Where Busch Light Began

Busch Light first started as Anheuser-Busch and was founded in the 1850s. You might also refer to it as a lager. But it didn’t become as popular as it is now until 1989. Experts said it started out as a small neighborhood brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. So, the next time you visit St. Louis be sure to visit this brewery and see where it all began.

In a recent report on, “they employ thousands of people nationwide today. In fact, they are all united by a deep passion for dreaming big and supporting the communities that we call home.”

Iowa State fans are going to have themselves a time at the Cheez-It Bowl, with a little help from Busch. We can’t wait to see the final numbers on just how many cans the Cyclone faithful knock back tonight.