Chicago Bears Jump in on Guardian Cap Bashing with Hilarious Comparison

by Nick Geddes

The NFL‘s Guardian Caps continue to be the brunt of jokes, with the Chicago Bears‘ Twitter team the latest to engage in the roasting.

Meant to protect players during the head-on-head collisions of training camp, the Bears have quite a comparison for the appearance of the helmet. A comparison that takes us to the world of Super Mario.

The NFL is requiring all lineman, linebackers and tight ends to wear the special helmets during practices. The Guardian Cap provides an additional layer of padding meant to reduce head injuries. The league states that the helmet reduces head contact by 10% if one player is wearing it and 20% if all players involved are wearing them.

The Guardian Cap isn’t a problem for Bears center Cody Whitehair, who wore it in practice all last season.

“We found out right before training camp that it was going to be mandated, at least for training camp. But I felt like everyone handled it well,” Whitehair said. “With a decrease in chances of getting concussions, I mean, they’re not 100% preventable, but anytime you can decrease impact to your head, that’s a big thing in today’s world.”

Players Around the NFL Have Been Reacting to the Appearance of the Guardian Cap

Players around the league have poked fun at the policy during training camp. Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce notably showed up to practice Friday with bubble wrap on top of the Guardian Cap.

“I mean, if the NFL says a Guardian Cap adds 20% of protection — I figure the bubble wrap gave me another two or three,” Kelce said, via The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Kelce emphasized he was joking and wasn’t meaning to protest the mandate.

“They’re just trying to make it a safer game,” Kelce said. “Trying to protect the health of the players as much as they can, so it’s just the newest thing.”

For Arizona Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt, however, the Guardian Cap is more of a hindrance than helpful.

“I’ll probably get fined for this,” Watt said Friday, via ESPN. “But you feel like a bobblehead, like you’re gonna fall over.”