Chicago Bears’ Kyle Long Drops Anti-Chicago Hot Take About Italian Beef

by Will Shepard

Twitter beef is essentially a spectator sport. Chicago Bears’ Kyle Long got into it with Twitter users. Quickly, the feud turned to a fight over Chicago food. In particular, Italian beef.

Italian beef, for those who are unaware, is a Chicago delicacy. More specifically, it is a unique sandwich. It is made up of thin slices of seasoned roast beef. The beef simmers for a while in a crockpot and then is served hot with plenty of juice onto a long French roll. The sandwich’s history dates back to at least the 1930s.

Kyle Long asserts that the sandwich is just a roast beef sandwich with some fancy water poured on top. Whether or not this is true is beside the point for the people of Chicago. Certainly, they don’t take slights to their food lightly.

Consequently, Chicago Twitter went after Long.

Long played for the Chicago Bears for seven seasons after being drafted by the team in 2013. So, he certainly knows all about this unique sandwich. But he clearly isn’t the biggest fan of the sandwich.

This wasn’t the only tweet he made criticizing the sandwich. He also says that Chicago people are soft and lack discipline. To say this, he expertly uses an Arnold Schwarzenegger gif.

Nonetheless, as an NFL player, he probably ate a ton. So, he is likely well versed in this roast beef with crockpot water sandwich.

Long and his Famous Twitter Feuds

Long is known for being outspoken. Since his retirement from the NFL, he has been on plenty of Twitter rants over a number of topics. So, seeing him go off on people about a sandwich is not uncharacteristic for Long.

Most notably, after he retired from the Bears, Long went off on the team. In a series of tweets, he claims that he was fired from the team.

So, consequently, he says that he is more likely to end up on a golf course than back on the football field. Since then, his claim has continually been disputed by both the Bears and then by Long.

However, Long provides some excellent comedic distractions since he’s left the football field.