WATCH: Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Daughter Sterling Star in New Oakley Sunglasses Commercial

by Patrick Norton

Patrick Mahomes lives the life we all dreamt of having back in our elementary school days. The quarterback tossed for 734 yards in a single Big 12 game, won a Super Bowl his second year as a full-time starter, and lives a wholesome family life. Regardless of the public’s perspective on his wife, Brittany, Mahomes lives the All-American lifestyle to perfection.

And while his incredible career boasts four consecutive AFC Championship Games, expectations for the 26-year-old continue to climb. The 2018 NFL MVP earned a $450 million extension that finally kicks in this season. As teams angle to address the Kansas City Chiefs as the new-age New England Patriots, pressure mounts against Mahomes to perform his best Tom Brady imitation and sustain Super success.

But the family man in Mahomes has always taken a precedence. Defending his brother and wife from annoying Twitter trolls, raising his daughter – it’s all a part of the package No. 15 brings to Kansas City. Appearing in a commercial for Oakley sunglasses, Sterling Mahomes – Patrick’s one-year-old daughter – steals the show.

The advertisement features the quarterback reading a heartfelt passage to his daughter. “To my No. 1 pick,” Mahomes begins. “Welcome to life, you’re already perfect and here’s some advice: Stay focused, stay hungry, be loyal and lead. When the team feels like family, that’s all that you’ll need. There’s only one you. You’ll shine bright as a star. Just lead with your heart and be who you are.”

It’s oddly touching for a sunglasses brand. But as one of the superstar’s most popular sponsors, Mahomes brings enough identity to the commercial. Topic and brand relevance isn’t as important when hosting the greatest quarterback currently slinging in the league.

Patrick Mahomes’ Strong Family Sense Pushes Quarterback to Greatness

As the advertisement flashes with a montage of sentimental family photos, it provides a great example to Mahomes’ commitment toward building a strong family. His father – former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes – succeeded in the same avenue, balancing professional sports.

But the upcoming road for Patrick and Brittany involves a sibling for Sterling, and a potential heir to the quarterback’s NFL greatness. Mrs. Mahomes tweeted out her realization that the new member of the family arrives at the busiest time of the year for the household: midseason.

But if the superstar needs any advice, he can turn to his own father. Pat pitched 3.1 innings, earning a save for the Minnesota Twins on September 18, 1995. His son was born the day before the exceptional performance. Oddly enough, the save came against the Kansas City Royals – a team which Kansas City’s star quarterback owns a 1% stake.