Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Thinks Russell Wilson Is ‘Trolling’ Everyone With His ‘Nonsense’

by Hunter Miller
(Photo via Getty Images / Justin Edmonds / Stringer)

Travis Kelce might’ve just hit the nail on the head when it comes to what Russell Wilson has been up to this season. The NFL QB has been the center of attention for much of the season, and not necessarily for good reason. But while his behavior might be a little peculiar to some, Chiefs star Kelce thinks it’s all part of a game that Wilson is playing.

During a segment on his podcast, “New Heights With Jason and Travis Kelce,” Travis tells his NFL star brother what he thinks is really going on with Wilson. In particular, Kelce addressed Wilson’s comments on spending much of his time on an 8-hour flight to London for the Broncos’ overseas matchup against the Jaguars in Week 8.

“I was on the plane, first two hours of the eight-hour flight here I was watching film, watching all the cutups and everything else, and then for the next four hours I was doing treatment on the plane,” Wilson said, via Pro Football Talk. “I was walking up and down the aisle, everybody else was knocked out, I was doing high knees, working my legs and everything else, making sure I was ready to rock. That was good. Then I fell asleep for one hour and I watched film for the rest. I felt good to go.”

Is Russell Wilson Just Trolling the World Right Now? Travis Kelce Thinks So

As for Travis Kelce, he thinks Wilson is straight-up trolling everybody with these kinds of “shenanigans.”

“I honestly feel like he just trolls us with this nonsense,” Travis said. “Did you see his interview when he explained what he was doing? He was smiling, like mischievously, the entire time about what he was doing on the plane. I think there’s a little bit of him trolling and just loves to see the world just absolutely rip him a new one on social media.”

Travis says he also would’ve given Wilson a little taste of his own medicine had he been on the same flight. “If he’s doing that, I’m doing everything to just mess with him since he’s doing all these shenanigans on the plane,” Kelce said.