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Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Explains Why He Shoved Coach on Sidelines in Viral Video

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Tyreek Hill caused quite a stir on the internet after onlookers saw him shoving assistant coach Greg Lewis during the Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff win against the Cleveland Browns.

There was no physical altercation following the show, but that didn’t stop people from criticizing the wide receiver for his actions.

On Sunday, the shove wasn’t addressed by Hill other than to tweet out that he loves Lewis like an uncle.

Tyreek Hill Responds

On Wednesday, reporters asked Hill about the odd incident.

“It’s just my energy level,” Tyreek Hill explained to reporters.

“I feel like I play the game with so much passion. Not only me, but we put so much into this game. I come off the sideline fired up and I just give my coach a shove. That’s just me and my personality, man. I’m just fired up and happy to be in the NFL and to be a part of this great organization.

“A lot of people see it as me being a hothead on the sideline or being a diva. It wasn’t like that,” he continued.

Throughout the game, The Browns’ defense was a significant factor in his frustration.

Tyreek Hill had three catches for nine yards, but he caught Chad Henne’s pass, leading the Chiefs to victory.

“I was just fired up and trying to give the guys energy. I wish everyone would’ve just thought about it. If I were to really have pushed my coach, everybody would’ve been holding me back. It was just us being fired up, giggling, laughing. We’re just enjoying each other. That’s all it was.”

Kansas City defeated Cleveland, 22-17. The Chiefs will play the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship on Sunday.

Head coach Andy Reid also gave his opinion on the shove on Monday, telling reporters that the incident was free from any malice.

“They were messing around,” Reid said, according to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington.

“I know how it came off, but if you look at a minute later, they’re laughing over there. If you talk to both of them, they’ll tell you they were just messing around.”

While Lewis hasn’t made a public statement about the shove, his silence isn’t out of the ordinary.

Position coaches usually don’t speak with reporters, but it appears the Chiefs are sticking to brushing the incident off as nothing more than an act of excitement from Hill.