Chiefs vs. Chargers: NFL Fans Extremely Concerned as Injured QB Justin Herbert Continues to Play

by Jonathan Howard

You can’t say that Justin Herbert isn’t a tough quarterback. NFL fans were concerned as Herbert kept playing after clearly being hurt. Of course, football is a sport for tough people. Players play hurt all the time. But what Herbert went through on Thursday Night Football was more than just “hurting.”

The L.A. Chargers took an early lead against the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes, just to lose the lead after an interception returned for a 99-yard touchdown. Justin Herbert was soon on the receiving end of a big hit on the series after. He went down immediately and athletic trainers came onto the field.

It appeared to be a rib issue. He was gingerly pointing at his torso at one point to backup QB Chase Daniel. At one point, it looked like he couldn’t even fully rotate in his throw, and each pass looked to hurt, even short ones.

Fans Can’t Believe Justin Herbert Kept Playing

Here is the video of that tough hit he took. There were more hits the QB took over the course of the game and none of them were nice. The Chargers kept going with him, though. Daniel only played one snap.

For fans that remember Tyrod Taylor and his injury issues, this might be a little too familiar. The people love seeing players cut it out, but what about the longterm?

Each play you were worried for the young QB. It was just such a strange situation. The game wasn’t impossible to win but it was going to be an uphill battle. The Chargers put their hopes on Justin Herbert and he almost delivered, potentially broken ribs and all. Don’t even high-five the guy!

Not many NFL quarterbacks could do what Justin Herbert did tonight. He was hurt and still went back in there and threw absolutely rockets to his receivers. The Chargers were one offside kick recovery away from actually winning this game with an injured passer. Good QBs win. Great QBs cover. Herbert covered.

The NFL on Amazon Prime was interesting. Thursday Night Football is a great time-honored tradition and it’s got a new look. Some fans might not like the production value of the game, but this is something we will have to get used to. So, get used to it, folks.

When we get to next Thursday lets hope for a great game like we got tonight.