Chiefs vs. Chargers: Roger Goodell, Jeff Bezos Spotted Together, NFL Fans Have Thoughts

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to NFL Thursday Night Football you never know what you might get. Like Roger Goodell and Jeff Bezos sitting at Arrowhead Stadium together. For those wondering why Bezos would be taking in an NFL game in the middle of the country, well, there’s a very logical reason. TNF on Prime Video.

So, the new partnership with Amazon and the NFL is underway. You can now stream games on Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch and on Prime Video. This is a new era in sports and that means seeing pictures like the one below.

Whatever is going on, Goodell looks a little disinterested, perhaps focusing on the game at hand. Meanwhile, something has made Bezos crack up. What could it be?

Roger Goodell and Jeff Bezos Create a New Meme

As for fans, they reacted in a multitude of ways. Some commented on the awkwardness of this photo. Then there were others that compared it to other photos and memes from the past. This user on Twitter was not happy with the Amazon product and is really living up to that username.

Now, I thought I had seen this photo somewhere before. It’s almost uncanny, really.

It’s never a bad idea to pull out the memes. This picture is just about the perfect way to explain the Roger Goodell and Jef Bezos photo. These two are going to have a long relationship ahead of them as long as Amazon is airing these NFL games. Will we get more meme-worthy moments?

Kansas City Celebrates 50 Years at Arrowhead

In case you were watching the game and were wondering what was up with the design, it is a throwback. For those older fans, you might even recognize it from the 1970s. The design in the endzone and elsewhere on the field are the original designs that were on the field when Arrowhead Stadium opened up in 1972.

The Chiefs are going to be looking for a win at their home opener. Justin Herbert and the Chargers won’t let it happen easily, though. Roger Goodell and his guest of honor picked a good game to watch.