Christian McCaffrey Throws TD Bomb, NFL Fans Wonder If He’s the 49ers Best QB

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Things are getting tricky out in Los Angeles. Christian McCaffrey threw a 34-yard touchdown against the Rams on a trick play. You don’t often see NFL teams break out trick plays like this. A lot of college programs do, but the 49ers wanted to catch their opponents off guard, and it worked.

When San Francisco brought Christian McCaffrey on board, we knew he would be a dangerous offensive weapon. However, this play brings that to another level.

It looked like a screen at first, but then the RB ripped back and let it fly. The pass sailed in an arc and landed perfectly for Brandon Aiyuk to catch it and run a couple of steps into the endzone.

NFL Fans Can’t Believe Christian McCaffrey Threw a Touchdown

Fans watching at home couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The Jimmy G era has been fun for some. He’s got a lot of support from fans. Still, you can’t help but laugh as the running back throws the first passing touchdown of the game and what might end up being the best 49ers pass all night.

Tough to be the starting quarterback especially when your running back is doing stuff like Christian McCaffrey.

Now if it weren’t for the fact that McCaffrey is such a great running back, there might be more controversy on our hands here. That play was executed to perfection. The ball isn’t thrown out wildly, he takes his time and makes his pass catchable and it fell into the hands of the open man.

I’d be lying if I said that these memes weren’t absolutely hilarious, though. Jimmy G is going to be hearing about that in the locker room at halftime if he can’t get something going for himself.

The only person who saw this touchdown pass and is going to be happy about it, is Baker Mayfield. If this had happened while McCaffrey was still a Carolina Panther, things would have been really awkward. At this point, I’d put CMC in place of Mayfield. But, the Panthers erased that timeline when they traded their star running back.

Good for Baker.