Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow to Undergo Appendix Surgery During Training Camp

by Patrick Norton

The Cincinnati Bengals kick off training camp on Wednesday. However, one of the NFL‘s premiere starting quarterbacks won’t make it. Instead, Joe Burrow must undergo an emergency appendectomy. According to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, the quarterback should make a speedy and full recovery.

Joe Burrow is the lifeblood of the Bengals’ organization. Without the presence of a bona fide stud at the position, Cincinnati doesn’t will its way to the Super Bowl last season. Starting 16 games and only missing one due to rest after clinching the AFC North, Burrow tossed 34 touchdowns. The quarterback provides steady locker room leadership and an enjoyable persona for fans of football in general to rally around.

It’s unclear whether the surgery requires an extended absence. While Burrow most definitely should miss a decent chunk of training camp right off the bat, Week 1 of the regular season is still more than five weeks away. Rapoport also correctly suggests that it’s better to have this issue pop up now than during the season.

While surgery is never a desirable requirement for anybody, appendix removal falls into the category of routine procedures. Burrow – who tore his ACL his rookie season – should return to full health in due time.

The Inability to Understate Joe Burrow’s Importance to The Bengals

For Bengals head coach Zac Taylor, the conversation of season relevancy begins and ends with the health and effectiveness of Burrow. Taylor actively eyes extreme improvement following a Super Bowl LVI loss to end last season. While the success was a dramatic step in the right direction for the franchise, Taylor wants to jump more hurdles in 2022.

But without the benefit of a bottom rung schedule and with an AFC Championship sized target on the team’s back, nothing comes easy trying to replicate the previous season. Burrow’s unfortunate setback is just the kind of unavoidable circumstance that can cripple a team early in the season.

However, thanks to the wonderful world of medicine and Burrow’s extreme preparation for the upcoming season, the Sports Illustrated cover model should be back on the practice field in no time.