WATCH: Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Ja’Marr Chase Shares How He Spent His First $1 Million

by Patrick Norton

Ja’Marr Chase is living his best life. From the moment the Cincinnati Bengals selected the receiver fifth-overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, Chase blossomed into stardom. Immediately rekindling a bond with college quarterback Joe Burrow, the 22-year-old hauled in 81 catches for 1,455 yards and 13 touchdowns.

But Chase’s draft slot didn’t only provide on-field success. The receiver inked a four-year rookie contract worth more than $30 million. With a $19.7 million signing bonus, GQ Sports gives an insider glimpse at Chase’s spending in the embryonic stages of his career. Always providing a moment of reflection, the interview goes in-depth with how the former LSU superstar spent the first $1 million in his bank account.

When given the opportunity to give back to the woman who gave him this opportunity, Chase takes advantage. The receiver gifted his mother with a brand new black Maserati – his first major purchase under contract. According to Chase, his mother cried “tears of joy.”

In addition to equipping his mother with a new ride, Chase splurged on himself. The receiver bought a new Rolls Royce, jewelry and clothing. But thanks to Chase’s upbringing and affinity for giving back, he paid off the mortgage on his family home before giving each of his siblings $15,000.

But the mix of lavish and wholesome purchases only accounts for $600,000. That’s because Chase doesn’t want to blow through his hard-earned cash. Saving responsibly for the future and life after football, Ja’Marr Chase certainly understands the fragility of life as a football player.

Since 2018, the average career lifespan of an NFL wide receiver stretches just 3.3 years. While benefitting from stardom and what looks like the blossoming of a fruitful career, Chase exudes caution and long-term focus when it comes to his finances.

Ja’Marr Chase’s No. 1 Concern Heading Into Training Camp

As the Bengals open camp, one key member is missing from the practice field. Quarterback Joe Burrow remains sidelined thanks to an emergency appendectomy. Undergoing the procedure on Tuesday morning, the expectation is a brief absence. However, surgery entering camp is never promising news.

But Bengals coach Zac Taylor doesn’t think we should put too much stock in feeling concerned. The team intends to take a cautious approach and won’t rush Burrow back from recovery. However, Taylor also boasts the impressive preparation of Burrow throughout the offseason that should aid in quickly catching up. The coach mentions the quarterback’s access to practice videos and meetings through his iPad until he returns to the field.

As for Ja’Marr Chase, the “two peas in a pod” relationship with Burrow also provides a certain comfort and familiarity. Thirteen touchdowns and 81 receptions in one professional season keeps it fresh for a dynamic duo that connected 20 times in the endzone for the LSU Tigers in 2019.