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Cincinnati Reds Run out of Beer, Hot Dogs on Promotion Night at Great American Ball Park

by Tyler Mansfield
Emilee Chinn/MLB Photos via Getty Images.

The Cincinnati Reds have been the laughingstock of the 2022 MLB season up to this point – and rightfully so. As most of you Outsiders should know by now, the Reds are bad. Like, really bad. They are so bad that their overall record currently sits at 6-24.

With the lack of success Cincinnati has been having this season, the organization is pretty much begging for people to come to their games. And with cheap tickets in place, who wouldn’t want to go to Great American Ball Park on a nice evening? You can’t beat it – other than the fact that you’d be forced to watch bad baseball.

While a baseball fan could get into Great American Ball Park for a low price, they could also enjoy some cheap food and drinks on the right night. While many MLB teams offer specials for their home games, the Reds have a top-notch deal in place for Tuesdays – the 3-2-1.

Every Ballpark Needs A 3-2-1 Deal

What is the 3-2-1, you ask? Well, here’s the spill. For just $3, you can buy a 12-ounce beer. Along with your delicious beer, you can take care of your hunger with a $2 ballpark hot dog. To top it all off, the Reds offer a $1 cup of ice cream that can serve as your dessert. That all sounds great, right?

As those specials are great and will definitely attract people to Great American Ball Park, it appears that the ballpark needs to stock up on the proper essentials – as in more 12-ounce beers and hot dogs. According to someone who attended Tuesday’s game, the Reds ran out of both 12-ounce beers and hot dogs in the top of the fourth inning. Seriously.

While the ballpark has now realized that it must buy more beer and hot dogs moving forward, they did make up for it – in a way – on Tuesday night by selling 16-ounce beers for $3, in place of the 12-ounce brews. Now, that right there is a steal.

If you’re planning to attend the next Tuesday night game at Great American Ball Park, hopefully the Cincinnati Reds will have plenty of 12-ounce beers and hot dogs ready to sell.