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Clay Matthews Speaks Out on Why His Dad Should Be Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Former Green Bay Packers’ linebacker Clay Matthews III is his father’s biggest supporter. He urges voters to consider his father for the NFL Hall of Fame.

This is the last year that the elder Matthews can be considered for selection by the Modern era committee. The NFL legend has been eligible for the Hall of Fame for two decades now. While the clock is ticking for the Modern era, the athlete can still find entry into the Hall of Fame with the Seniors Committee if not selected this year.

On Twitter, Matthews hyped up his father. He wrote, “This is my dad’s last year as a modern-era finalist for the HOF. I ask that all media voting tomorrow dive deeper into his career and you’ll see his enshrinement is long overdue.”

The Elder Athlete Played For the Cleveland Browns

Matthews did a deep dive into his father’s career. Clay Matthews Jr. played for 16 years with the Cleveland Browns and is regarded as one of the best players that ever graced that team’s roster. The Elder Matthews played for the Browns from 1978 to 1993. He then finished up his career with the Atlanta Falcons, retiring in 1996. Over the course of his time playing in the NFL, Matthews garnered an impressive 1561 tackles, 83.5 career sacks, 27 forced fumbles, and 16 interceptions.

“Peak Performance, Impact, Longevity, and Overall Value — You CANNOT talk about my dad’s career without touching on each and every quality,” Clay Matthews III tweeted. “His numbers are as good, if not better, than so many current, and deserving, members of the HOF. His longevity is unheard of. And his ability to do it all made him invaluable.”

Matthews followed up his argument by highlighting the kinds of competition that his father went up against during his career. “The words spoken about his play from so many of his peers, many of whom are currently in the HOF, only strengthen his resume. Clay Matthews Jr. deserves to be in the HOF!” he wrote.

Clay Matthews III Is a Third Generation Player

Matthews owes a lot to both his father and grandfather for showing him the way. Matthews is a third-generation NFL player following in their footsteps. William Clay Matthews Sr. played as a tackle for the San Francisco 49ers from 1950 until 1955. Both of his sons, Clay Jr. and Bruce, played in the NFL. Currently besides Clay Matthews III, several of his grandsons are also playing in the league.

During his career, Matthews III has put impressive numbers. He’s played for both the Green Bay Packers and L.A. Rams and is currently a free agent. He has a long and successful career with a potential future in the Hall of Fame himself.