Cleveland Browns Fans are Heated After Helmet-to-Helmet Called in Similar Situation to Touchback

by Charles Craighill

After another questionable call in the NFC Championship, Cleveland Browns fans feel slighted by the NFL once again. In the past few years, so many fans feel as if referees show favoritism for marketable players and teams. This systematically leaves the historically unsuccessful teams, well, unsuccessful. Perhaps there is some truth to it, however, it could also be that referees simply can’t catch them all.

This most recently happened in a goal-line play in the NFC Championship between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers. On this play, referees called a helmet-to-helmet penalty on the Buccaneers. As a result, the Green Bay Packers were awarded a first down and goal on the three-yard-line.

In an almost identical play between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cleveland Browns, referees did not call a penalty. As a result, the refs ruled the play as a fumble out of the endzone. The Browns then lost possession on an almost sure scoring drive. This momentous play and questionable call ultimately led to the Browns’ heartbreaking loss.

The Cleveland Browns went on to lose that game 17-22, where the no-call touchback could have been the difference. Browns fans have also exploded about the rule itself that deems a fumble out of the endzone a touchback and change of possession.

“Worst rule in the game because of how inconsistent it is compared to fumbling out of bounds anywhere else. Player fumbles out at 1 YD Line? Retain possession there. The ball rolls into the end zone out of bounds? Turnover and touchback. Makes zero sense,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Cleveland Browns Fans Lose Their Minds

Needless to say, Cleveland Browns fans cannot believe their eyes. Fans on Twitter and Instagram have lost their minds over the discrepancy in the ruling. And reasonably so. In all likelihood, the Browns could have played this evening against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship.

“Im livid right now,” one fan wrote in response to the Tweet. Another one added “Don’t remind me, I just got over it.”

Another fan noted how the Browns may have been cheated out of the AFC Championship with that no call. “Should have been a Browns versus Bills AFC Championship game,” he said in response to the hilarious Tweet. “Only if we could have had these refs,” another one added.

Whether or not NFL referees threw the Cleveland Browns game, the Kansas City Chiefs will appear in the AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills this evening at 6:40 pm. The game will air on CBS. Whoever wins this matchup will travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl.