Cleveland Browns Take Giant L on Twitter After Firing Shot at Old Bay Seasoning

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns just can’t help themselves. While it’s one thing to take an L on-the-field — and we know they’ve been doing plenty of that this season — it’s another to take one off-the-field.

Especially when it’s unnecessary and avoidable, as it was in this case for the Browns. With the Browns (2-4) set to face the Baltimore Ravens (3-3) on the road in Week 7 Sunday, Cleveland’s social media team decided to take a shot at Old Bay Seasoning. Not the Ravens’ 28th ranked pass defense, but rather the universally loved Baltimore-based seasoning.

First off, it’s not. Old Bay is awesome. If you aren’t throwin’ some on your crab legs, you might as well have your cooking license revoked. Second of all, what is associated with Cleveland? Championships sure aren’t, as Old Bay was quick to remind everyone.

“Apparently they think Super Bowls are overrated too,” Old Bay tweeted.

Did the Browns really think many people were gonna say, “yeah, that’s a good one?” Better yet, did they think Old Bay wasn’t going to respond and hand out a giant L in the Browns’ face? That tweet should have remained in the drafts and never left the brain of the person who hit send.

Browns Looking to Rebound From Twitter L

The Browns have dropped three games in a row following their 2-1 start. Cleveland’s defense, thought to be a strength entering the season, has failed to meet expectations. The Browns are allowing 27.2 points per game — tied for 30th in the NFL.

Concern is growing in Cleveland and with Lamar Jackson next up on the schedule, things could continue to slide.

“It’s really hard to explain,” defensive coordinator Joe Woods said Thursday, via “We had a really good offseason. We had a really good training camp. Just with our walkthroughs, just did a lot more. To me, it was the best we ever did since I’ve been here, but it didn’t translate into the regular season. To me, when that happens, then you have to look at what you’re asking them to do and pull things back until you get things corrected.

“Once you get them corrected, then you start adding on things that you feel will help you versus a particular team. It’s a little surprising to me just the issues we’re having.”