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Clint Bowyer Sends Well Wishes to ‘Most Polarizing Player on The Planet’ Patrick Mahomes After Injury

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images)

Retired NASCAR driver and Kansas native Clint Bowyer sent well-wishes to Patrick Mahomes Sunday after doctors pulled the Kansas City quarterback from the game Sunday because of an injury.

Bowyer said seeing Mahomes hurt makes watching the game more difficult and wished him a speedy recovery.

“End of the day it’s really hard to keep watching games, races, whatever when someone gets hurt. Let’s all hope the most polarizing player on the planet is ok. That’s really all that matters. @PatrickMahomes.” he tweeted.

Doctors treated Mahomes twice in Sundays win over the Browns. The first time he was only out for a few plays.

But midway through the third quarter, Mahomes went down after a Browns player hit him in the side of the helmet. Mahomes struggled to get to his feet, and he looked disoriented once he got up. He didn’t return to the game Sunday after doctors said he had a concussion.

Doctors haven’t released his prognosis for next week’s AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills. Though Chiefs coach Andy Reid said the superstar had “passed all the deals” doctors had set for him. And Mahomes also tweeted he was “all good” after the game.

Mahomes finished the game with 255 yards and two touchdowns, Sports Illustrated said.

Clint Bowyer’s Wife Posts ‘PG’ Version of his Celebration

Clint Bowyer is a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. So, it was clear he would be celebrating last night after their 22-17 win over the Browns. But we got a behind-the-scenes look at how he reacted when his team sealed the victory.

The win came in dramatic fashion when the Chiefs went for it on fourth down and inches with about a minute left in the game. If they picked up the first down, they could run out the clock and advance to the AFC Championship game. If the Browns could stop them, Cleveland’s office would start at midfield and would only need a touchdown to win. It was a dramatic call.

You can see that in Bowyer’s posture as he stands in front of the TV. Well, less stands and more perches. That’s until the Chiefs picked up the first day and sealed their win.

Lorra Bowyer secretly recorded the entire thing and tweeted the video. Or at least the parts before he starts swearing.

NASCAR fans can expect to see some of that enthusiasm next season as he leaves the track for the commentating booth. Jeff Gordon will join him there.