Colin Cowherd Hospitalized During Super Bowl Weekend

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday, FOX Sports commentator Colin Cowherd revealed that he was hospitalized during Super Bowl weekend because of a blood clot.

The sports analyst and host of The Herd said he is recovering from a small blood clot in his right lung. Cowherd, 57, missed his normal on-air appearances following the Super Bowl. Fans noticed his absence from Monday and Tuesday’s scheduled episodes. The absence seemed odd, especially on Monday, which is one of the biggest days in sports radio and television. Although Cowherd did not say when he would return, Nick Wright has filled in for Cowherd the past couple of days.

Colin Cowherd Explains His ‘Scary’ Experience in the ER

The sports host posted a video message explaining his health scare to his Instagram account on Tuesday evening. He shared that he had experienced a “sharp” pain while at dinner with his wife on Saturday night. Cowherd said he felt the “most pain” he’d ever dealt with before rushing to the hospital. In addition, he said that he struggled breathing and that the whole experience scared him.

Cowherd called a friend who picked the couple up from the restaurant within four minutes of his call. The friend ran red lights as they made their way to the emergency room at a nearby hospital. Once they arrived, Cowherd said that doctors knocked him out for around 16 to 18 hours with doses of morphine.

“It was the most pain I’ve ever been in,” Cowherd said from his Los Angeles home. “It was limiting my breathing. Again, it was scary.”

He said that he was able to watch the Super Bowl and take notes on the big game. However, he was exhausted from the whole ordeal and knew he wouldn’t be on-air after the weekend.

“A quick update. Thanks for all the kind messages,” Cowherd captioned his Instagram post.

Doctors ruled out COVID-19 as a cause of his breathing issues before discovering the blood clot. Cowherd explained that he tested negative twice for the virus during his emergency room examination. He’s undergoing further tests to find the cause of the blood clot and hopes to have more answers in the near future.

Cowherd went on to thank FOX Sports, iHeart Radio, and his staff for their support and said they’ve been “unbelievable.” He also apologized to his fans for not being on-air the last couple days following the Super Bowl. The sports host shared that he went on a 30-minute walk on Tuesday and that he plans to be back in the studio as soon as possible.